Tasha Riggs Campolieto

Sales Leader Manager

We found the following information about Tasha Riggs Campolieto at Healthmarkets, where Tasha has worked as a Sales Leader Manager since 2010. Tasha's total work experience is over 19 years, during which time they had at least eight jobs at different places to develop professional skills. Tasha studied at the University of South Dakota from 1989 to 1993. Tasha Riggs Campolieto received the following certifications: Life Insurance, Medicare Certifacations, and License 344194. Tasha Riggs Campolieto is experienced in German. Tasha Riggs Campolieto currently is located in Denver, Colorado. You can contact with Tasha by looking for phone number or email or get additional info by requesting access to this person's additional details from Connexy.
Name variants:
Tasha Campolieto

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
Denver, CO


Sales Leader Manager

Plano, TX


Insurance Agent/Broker, Insurance Agents, Brokers, and Service, Nsk

Work History

Sales Leader Manager

9151 Boulevard 26, North Richland Hills, TX 76180
Affordable Health Solutions for families , self employed , Seniors and Small Businesses.
from May 2010

Independant Agent and Personal Banker

Mortgage Consulting, Empowering educational classes, Creative Loan Specialist, Health Insurance, Life , Long Term Care, College Funds, and retirement.
Nov 2009 — Jan 2010


9151 Boulevard 26, North Richland Hills, TX 76180
I educate small businesses and families on the various types of insurance. I help empower them with the knowledge of how the plans work so they don't end up bankrupt. I encourage families to...
from Oct 2009

Director of Business Development

Director of Business Development and Sales Tactical project development and positioning by having a deep understanding of competitive landscape and players Established loyal and valuable ...
Feb 2007 — Aug 2009

Vice President Sales and Business Development

Branch Manager, Corporate Officer, Recruiter Researched and created mortgage sales leads Trained and hired administration staff and sales agents Officer of 1st Nations Mortgage Corp, Bra...
Mar 2001 — Jun 2009

Business Developer

Researched companies to target through Lexis Nexis and internet searches Discovered all contact information to key Executives Created and improved methods for consultants to perform semin...
Jan 2007 — Feb 2008

Vice President

Vice President Co-owner of this residential remodeling company Managed a full staff of sales, telemarketers, canvassers, trade show hosts, accounting personnel, construction managers and ...
Mar 1996 — Mar 2001

Stock Broker

Traded Stocks on the NY Stock exchange IPO Bonds Ect....
Jun 1994 — 1996


1987 — 1989


Independent Contractor
Financial Broker
Sales Specialist
Loan Specialist
Operations Manager
Independent Business Owners
Financial Services Professional
Financial Services Sales Agent
Sales Representative
Loan Officers


Direct Sales
Sales Management
Business Development
Health Insurance
Lead Generation
Cold Calling
Small Business
Long Term Care
Sales Process
Project Management
Employee Benefits
Team Building
Life Insurance Expert
Long Term Care and Medicare
Customer Service
Health Insurance Educator
Consultative Selling
Strategic Planning

FAQs about Tasha Riggs Campolieto

What is the main profession of Tasha Riggs Campolieto?

Tasha Riggs Campolieto is a Sales Leader Manager.

What are the profession of Tasha?

These person's professions are Leader

Where does Tasha Riggs Campolieto currently live?

They lives in Denver, Colorado.

How many companies did Tasha Riggs Campolieto work at?

The professional worked at eight jobs.

Where has Tasha Riggs Campolieto studied?

Tasha studied at the University of South Dakota from 1989 to 1993.

What are the certifications of Tasha Riggs Campolieto?

This expert received the following certifications: Life Insurance, Medicare Certifacations, and License 344194.

What languages does Tasha Riggs Campolieto speak?

Tasha Riggs Campolieto speaks German.

What is professional industry that Tasha Riggs Campolieto worked in?

This professional works in Insurance industry.