Eric A Fay

Registered Embalmer and Funeral Director Apprentice

We found the following information about Eric A Fay at Rite Aid Pharmacy, where the professional has worked as a General Manager since 2002. Eric's total work experience is over nine years, during which time Eric had at least two jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Eric studied at the Fine Mortuary College Llc from 2013. Eric currently is located in Dedham, Massachusetts. You can contact with Eric by searching for phone or email address or find further info by requesting access to Eric A Fay's further details.
Name variants:
Erik Fay, Erick Fay, Rick Fay, Ricky Fay

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
er**, er**, cl**
Dedham, MA


General Manager

Camp Hill, PA


Depository Banking Services Mfg Pharmaceutical Preparations

Work History

General Manager

Jun 2002 — Apr 2011

Registered Embalmer and Funeral Director Apprentice

from Apr 2011


FAQs about Eric A Fay

What is the profession of Eric A Fay?

This professional's job is Registered Embalmer and Funeral Director Apprentice

What jobs is Eric proficient at at?

The expert is a professional Funeral Director jobs.

Where is Eric A Fay located?

Eric is currently located in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Does the professional have the email address?

er** and er** is Eric A Fay's email address.

How many companies did Eric A Fay work at?

Eric A Fay worked at two jobs.

Where has Eric A Fay studied?

Eric studied at the Fine Mortuary College Llc from 2013.

What languages does Eric A Fay speak?

Eric A Fay speaks English.

Are there any special industries Eric A Fay works in?

Eric A Fay works in Consumer Services industry.


Funeral Director
Licensed Embalmer
Chief Executive Officer
Student Worker
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive


Customer Satisfaction
Event Planning
Team Building
Public Speaking
Data Entry
Strategic Planning
Customer Service
Public Relations
Marketing Strategy