Wendy Kenison

Owner, Manager, Safety Manager

For over zero years Wendy Kenison worked in different jobs. Recently, Wendy worked as a Owner, Manager, Safety Manager in Fresno Livestock Commission, LLC enhancing knowledge. You can find this person in Fresno, California, where he is located nowadays. Connexy has all the info you need to be in touch with Wendy Kenison, such as this professional's phone number or e-mail. Feel free to send the request to get more data.
Name variants:
Gwendolen Kenison

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 5, 2022
Fresno, CA


Owner, Manager, Safety Manager

Fresno, CA


Livestock Sales, Auction Yard

Work History

Owner, Manager, Safety Manager

559 W Lincoln Ave, Fresno, CA 93706


Chief Executive
Operations Manager

FAQs about Wendy Kenison

What's the profession of Wendy Kenison?

This professional's job is Owner, Manager, Safety Manager

What jobs is Wendy proficient at at?

Wendy is a professional Executive and Owner jobs.

Where does Wendy Kenison currently live?

Fresno, California is the place where Wendy Kenison currently lives

How many companies did Wendy Kenison work at?

Wendy worked at one jobs.