Vimala Anishetty

CEO, ECO Environmental Consulting

We found the following information about Vimala Anishetty at Environmental Compliance Office Inc (ECO), where Vimala has worked as a CEO since 2007. Vimala's total work experience is over 15 years, during which time this expert had at least two jobs at different companies to develop skills. Vimala studied at the University of Michigan. Currently, Vimala Anishetty lives in Detroit, Michigan. You can contact with Vimala by searching for phone number or email address or get exhaustive info by requesting access to this professional's further details.
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Vimala Anishetty

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Jan 30, 2016
Detroit, MI


Ramboll Environ


Environmental Services

Work History


Detroit, Mi
ECO is a full service environmental consulting company. Our Federal Government clients include, EPA, Army, Navy, FAA. Our private sector clients include, General Motors, Lear Corporation, ...
from 2007

Principal Environmental Engineer

15 years of experience in environmental engineering and regulatory compliance activities at Ford Motor Company's corporate environmental office, servicing automotive assembly, painting, plas...
1992 — 2007

FAQs about Vimala Anishetty

What's the main profession of Vimala Anishetty?

Vimala is a CEO, ECO Environmental Consulting.

What jobs is Vimala Anishetty a professional at?

Vimala Anishetty is proficient at Executive and Chief Executive Officer jobs.

Where does Vimala Anishetty live?

Detroit, Michigan is the place where Vimala Anishetty currently lives

Where did Vimala Anishetty work?

Vimala Anishetty worked at Environmental Compliance Office Inc (ECO), Ford Motor Company.

Does Vimala Anishetty have personal website or blog?

Vimala`s website is

What education does Vimala Anishetty have?

Vimala studied at the University of Michigan.

Are there any industries, that Vimala Anishetty is connected to?

Vimala works in Environmental Services industry.

Are there any professional skills Vimala Anishetty has?

This person has the following skills: Environmental, Environmental Engineering, Sustainability, Water, Energy, Environmental Compliance, Stormwater Management, and Public Speaking.


Chief Executive Officer
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Remediation Engineer
School Principal
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive
School Administrator
Educational Manager


Environmental Engineering
Environmental Compliance
Stormwater Management
Public Speaking
Environmental Awareness