Victor Lee

Digital Marketing Professional

Victor Lee went to the Columbia University and got education from 2004. Wayne, New Jersey is the area, where this professional was known to live. This person's contacts are easily accessed through Connexy on demand.
Name variants:
Victor Lee, Vic Lee, Vick Lee

Contact Information

Last Update
Wayne, NJ


IT Management

New York, NY
from 2004

BA in Philosophy

Boston, MA
from 1997

FAQs about Victor Lee

What's the main profession of Victor Lee?

This professional's job is Digital Marketing Professional

What are the profession of Victor?

These person's professions are Marketer and Marketing Professional

Where does Victor Lee currently live?

Victor Lee currently lives in Wayne, New Jersey.

What education does Victor Lee have?

Victor studied at the Columbia University from 2004.


Marketing Professional
Vice President
Marketing Director
Advertising Sales Agent
Chief Executive