Ted Mable


For over zero years Ted Mable has been working in different jobs. Recently, the professional worked as a CEO in Northwestern Counseling enhancing knowledge. This expert graduated from Boston University in 1978 where this expert received all the necessary skills. You can find Ted Mable in Burlington, Vermont, where he lives nowadays. Connexy has all the data you need to connect Ted Mable, such as Ted Mable's phone number or email. Feel free to send us the request to get additional data.
Name variants:
Ted Mable, Edmund Mable, Edward Mable, Theodore Mable

Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Burlington, VT




Hospital & Health Care

Work History


1975 — 1978

FAQs about Ted Mable

What is the main profession of Ted Mable?

Ted is a CEO.

What jobs is Ted Mable proficient at at?

Ted is proficient at such jobs as Executive and Chief Executive Officer.

Where does Ted Mable currently live?

Burlington, Vermont is the place where Ted Mable currently lives

Where did Ted Mable work?

This professional worked at Northwestern Counseling.

Where has Ted Mable studied?

Ted studied at the Boston University from 1975 to 1978.

What is the industry that Ted Mable is connected to?

This person works in Health, Wellness and Fitness industry.