Sylvester Braithwaite


Sylvester Braithwaite has been working as a Owner in Alert Medical Diagnostic, Inc. since 2008. Additionally, Sylvester Braithwaite has an employment history at more than five companies in the relevant field. Sylvester has a total work experience of six+ years. Sylvester Braithwaite studied at the McGill University from 1978 to 1982. Now Sylvester Braithwaite lives in Fort Myers, Florida region. Find Sylvester Braithwaite's actual contacts through Connexy search.
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Silvester Braithwaite

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 6, 2022
Fort Myers, FL


Work History


Alert Medical Diagnostic Inc.: mission is to increase awareness of point of care testing (POCT) by marketing and distributing low cost, convenient, highly sensitive rapid diagnostic testin...
from Apr 2008


To improve the quality of health for those in Barbados and the West Indies. Donated 2 neonatal incubators to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in September 2005.
from 2005

Founder and CEO

Reach For the STARS Foundation: non-profit organization whose mission is to provide medical prevention and early intervention to help nurture and safeguard our youth to allow them to reach ...
from Nov 2001


Providing medical care to patients of all ages in a relaxed, comforting setting. We offer complete gynecological care that includes family planning and screening for STDs.
from 1998


Co-founded the only private hospital in Barbados. Its thirty beds care for patients with modern facilities and excellent staff.
1986 — 1992


1978 — 1982
1972 — 1978


Medical Practice Professional
Founding Member
Chief Executive
Medical Practitioner

FAQs about Sylvester Braithwaite

What is the profession of Sylvester Braithwaite?

This professional's job is Founder

What jobs is Sylvester Braithwaite proficient at at?

The expert is a professional Executive and Founder jobs.

Where does Sylvester Braithwaite currently live?

Sylvester lives in Fort Myers, Florida.

Does the professional have the email address?

dr** is The professional's email address.

How many companies did Sylvester Braithwaite work at?

The professional worked at five jobs.

Does Sylvester Braithwaite have personal website or blog?

Sylvester Braithwaite`s website is and

Where has Sylvester Braithwaite studied?

Sylvester studied at the McGill University from 1978 to 1982.

Are there any professional industries, that Sylvester Braithwaite works in?

Sylvester Braithwaite works in Medical Practice industry.