Susan Komas

Marketing Coordinator

For over nine years Susan Komas has been working in different jobs. Recently, the professional worked as a Marketing Coordinator in Crestwood Manor developing required skills. You can find this person in Northport, New York, where he is located nowadays. Connexy has all the info you need to be in touch with Susan Komas, such as this expert's phone or email address. Feel free to send us the request to get more info.
Name variants:
Susan Komas, Susanna Komas, Susannah Komas, Susanne Komas, Suzanne Komas, Sue Komas, Susie Komas, Susi Komas, Susy Komas, Suzie Komas, Suzy Komas, Sukie Komas, Sarah Komas, Ann Komas, Anna Komas, Anne Komas, Annie Komas, Sukey Komas

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Jun 22, 2022
Northport, NY


Crestwood Manor
Marketing Coordinator



Work History

Marketing Coordinator

Crestwood Manor is nestled in the beautiful hamlet of Northport, surrounded by magnificent gardens and spectacular views. Sophistication, Elegance and Distinction is the ambiance of Crestwoo...
from Jun 2013

FAQs about Susan Komas

What is the main profession of Susan Komas?

This professional's job is Marketing Coordinator

What jobs is Susan proficient at at?

The expert is proficient at Marketer and Marketing Administrator jobs.

Where does Susan Komas live?

Susan Komas lives in Northport, New York.

How many companies did Susan Komas work at?

Susan Komas worked at one jobs.

What is the industry that Susan Komas worked in?

Susan Komas works in Hospital & Health Care industry.