Susan Barrett

Regional Director

Susan Barrett is a skilled expert, that works in Hanger Clinic as a Area Manager since 1998. Susan Barrett went to the Northern Virginia Community College and was studying. Syracuse, New York is the area, where this expert was known to be situated. This person's email address and number can be easily accessed through this website by request.
Name variants:
Susanna Barrett, Susannah Barrett, Susanne Barrett, Suzanne Barrett, Sue Barrett, Susie Barrett, Susi Barrett, Susy Barrett, Suzie Barrett, Suzy Barrett, Sukie Barrett, Sarah Barrett, Ann Barrett, Anna Barrett, Anne Barrett, Annie Barrett, Sukey Barrett

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
Syracuse, NY


Hanger, Inc.
Area Manager

Austin, TX


Hospital & Health Care, Mfg Surgical Appliances/Supplies Specialty Outpatient Clinic, Provider Orthotic & Prosthetic Products & Services Specialty Outpatient Clinic, Provider Orthotic and Prosthetic Products and Services Specialty Outpatient Clinic, Prosthetics

Work History

Area Manager

Upstate NY in NY/NJ Division
Oversee 18 clinics in Professionalism, Customer Service, Health Care Regulations, for excellent interaction and care for our customers!
from Jun 1998


Region Manager
Area Manager
Customer Service
Sales Specialist
Client Service Officer
Health Specialist
Hospital Care Professional
Sales Manager
Health Professional
Health Practitioner


Customer Service
U.s. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Clinical Research
Healthcare Management
Medical Devices
Electronic Medical Record
Employee Benefits
Employee Relations
Strategic Planning

FAQs about Susan Barrett

What is the main profession of Susan Barrett?

Susan Barrett is a Regional Director.

What jobs is Susan Barrett a professional at?

Susan is proficient at Executive and Region Manager jobs.

Where is Susan Barrett located?

The professional is located in Syracuse, New York.

What is Susan Barrett's email?

Susan Barrett's email is sb**

How many companies did Susan Barrett work at?

Susan Barrett worked at one jobs.

Does Susan Barrett have personal website or blog?

The expert`s website is and

What education does Susan Barrett have?

Susan studied at the Northern Virginia Community College.

Are there any professional industries, that Susan Barrett works in?

This person works in Hospital & Health Care industry.