Steven Fesh

Steven Fesh

Lean and Cost Manager at Freescale Semiconductor

Since 2006, Steven Fesh has been working in FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR. This person is a competent Lean and Cost Section Manager with over 28 years of work experience. According to Steve's resume and work profile, Steve has worked at more than ten places with diverse backgrounds and got different skills. Steven attended school at the Weber State University from 1988 to 1989. Steve can be found in Austin, Texas – where this professional is currently located. You can search for the person's e-mail and phone. We can also provide you additional contact information upon request.
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Stephen Fesh

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Last Update
Feb 4, 2016
Austin, TX


Lean and Cost Section Manager

Work History

Lean and Cost Section Manager

Responsible for development of lean deployment to include initial definition of Kaizen schedules, content of Lean training, tracking and reporting of Lean related metrics, participation in...
from Nov 2006

Etch / Films Manufacturing Section Manager

Defined and implemented automation requirements to achieve increased operator productivity levels while decreasing operator misprocess events. Justified and deployed at tool tracking on pilo...
Sep 2000 — Nov 2006

Photo Manufacturing Section Manager

Defined staffing, procedures, logistics and systems needed to bring Photo up to required manufacturing performance and to support a complete stepper platform change (Canon to ASML). Educated...
Aug 1999 — Sep 2000

CMP / Wets Manufacturing Section Manager

Planned logistics of area equipment installs and PRI layouts to support initial silicon and ramp for the JV Motorola / Siemans DRAM eight inch facility. Primary area of responsibility was C...
Nov 1996 — Aug 1999

Thin Films Manufacturing Section Manager

Responsibilities to develop staff needed to bring new tools on line and to develop systems that support operator / supervisors process ownership at Motorola's eight inch startup facility. De...
Feb 1995 — Nov 1996

Thin Films Senior Manufacturing Supervisor

Defined and focused on startup objectives, specifically those that can direct Films and Implant areas from startup to manufacturing ramp. Developed certification checklists for all tools in ...
Jan 1994 — Feb 1995

Manufacturing Section Manager

Responsible for production in Diffusion, Photo, Films, and Implant. During the final 9 months of operations, supervised 12 exempt employees with 340 non-exempt direct reports. Managed and ...
Jul 1990 — Jan 1994

Photo Senior Production Supervisor

Supervised 24 employees on a six inch photo masking line.
Jan 1989 — Jan 1990

Photo / Etch Senior Production Supervisor

Supervised 32 employees in photo and etch operations.
Jan 1987 — Jan 1989

Production Supervisor

Supervised diffusion, photo, etch, films, and epi. Responsible for a second and third shift team. Probe Production Technician Repaired, programmed and setup semi-automatic test equipment in ...
Jan 1978 — Jan 1987


Section Manager
Sales Specialist
Equipment Tools Purchasing Agent
Health Specialist
Operations Manager
Department Store Salesperson
Retail Salesperson
Air Transportation Worker

FAQs about Steven Fesh

What's the profession of Steven Fesh?

This professional's job is Lean and Cost Manager at Freescale Semiconductor

What are the profession of Steven?

These person's professions are Executive and Manager

Where does Steven Fesh live?

They lives in Austin, Texas.

How many companies did Steven Fesh work at?

The professional worked at ten jobs.

What education does Steven Fesh have?

Steve studied at the Weber State University from 1988 to 1989.

What is professional industry that Steven Fesh is connected to?

Steven Fesh works in Semiconductors industry.