Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP

Woman and Children's Advocate/Case Manager

Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP has been working as a Woman and Children's Advocate/Case Manager in Family Shelter Service since 2008. Moreover, Stephanie has on-the-job experience at one company in the related field. Stephanie has a total work experience of 16+ years. Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP studied at the National-Louis University from 2010 to 2013. Nowadays Stephanie lives in Chicago, Illinois region. Find this person's actual e-mail and phone through our search.
Name variants:
Stephany Bossarte, Stephania Bossarte, Stephana Bossarte, Stefanie Bossarte, Stefania Bossarte, Stefana Bossarte, Steffanie Bossarte, Steph Bossarte, Stephie Bossarte, Steff Bossarte, Steffy Bossarte, Stevie Bossarte

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jan 29, 2016
Chicago, IL


Woman and Children's Advocate/Case Manager


Civic & Social Organization

Work History

Woman and Children's Advocate/Case Manager

We provide many services for victims of domestic violence. We provide individual and group counseling, court advocacy and services, shelter, hotline, teen services, children's services, and ...
from Jun 2008


2006 — 2009


Health Specialist
Health Information Manager
Organization Management
Legal Counsel
Operations Manager
Health Services Administrator
Health Services Manager
Psychology Specialist

FAQs about Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP

What's the main profession of Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP?

Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP is a Woman and Children's Advocate/Case Manager.

What jobs is Stephanie proficient at at?

Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP is proficient at Lawyer and Advocate jobs.

Where does Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP live?

Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.

How many companies did Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP work at?

The person worked at one jobs.

Does Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP have personal website or blog?

Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP`s website is

What education does Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP have?

Stephanie studied at the National-Louis University from 2010 to 2013.

What is professional industry that Stephanie Bossarte, CDVP is connected to?

This person works in Non-Profit Organization Management industry.