Sonja Sprague

Executive Director -

Sonja Sprague went to the Full Sail University and got education there from 2012. Tipton, Michigan is the area, where this expert was known to be situated. Sonja Sprague's phone number and email can be accessed through Connexy by request.
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Sonja Sprague

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Tipton, MI


MASTERS of Science in Educational Media Design and Technology

from 2012

BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS in Communications Marketing

from Jul 2005


from 2004

Graphic design

from 1991

FAQs about Sonja Sprague

What's the profession of Sonja Sprague?

This professional's job is Executive Director -

What are the main profession of Sonja?

These person's professions are Executive and Chief Executive Officer

Where does Sonja Sprague live?

The professional lives in Tipton, Michigan.

Where has Sonja Sprague studied?

Sonja studied at the Full Sail University from 2012.

What are special skills of Sonja Sprague?

Sonja has such skills as 20-plus years diversified experience and education solidly grounded in customer service.


Chief Executive Officer
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive


20-plus years diversified experience and education solidly grounded in customer service
developing and creation of marketing and educational multimedia resources and gaming
website and social networking. Experience includes: Strong management of social media & website within internal organization groups. Scheduling
project management. Training materials and weekly newsletters. Communications & Public Relations. Extensive marketing and advertising skills & design. Wide-ranging work production with all sources of video & media channels. Decisive: Capable of critical thinking
problem solving and delivering quick solutions. People oriented: Solid history of positive communication with a wide variety of personalities. Result oriented: Self-starter with ability to achieve target within given time. Organized: Flexible and versatile with focus on attention to detail.