Simeon Berry

Commercial Manager - Government Effectiveness and Innovation

We found the following information about Simeon Berry at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, where this expert has worked as a Commercial Manager - Government Effectiveness and Innovation since 2020. Simeon's total work experience is over 14 years, during which time Simeon Berry had at least 13 jobs at different places to develop professional skills. Simeon studied at the Institute of Directors from 2018 to 2018. Simeon Berry currently is located in Rancho Cordova, California. You can contact with Simeon by looking for phone number or email address or find further information by requesting access to the professional's further details from us.
Name variants:
Sim Berry, Simie Berry, Simmy Berry

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
be**, si**
Rancho Cordova, CA


New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
Commercial Manager - Government Effectiveness and Innovation


International Trade and Development

Work History

Commercial Manager - Government Effectiveness and Innovation

from Feb 2020

Independent Management Consultant and Business Coach

Independent: Worked with owner on turnaround/growth project for an Indonesian/US jewellery manufacturer Helped client to win 2 new high-profile customers, focused on high potential and exi...
Apr 2016 — Jul 2017

Business To Business Director - Zain Saudi Arabia

A key member of the CCO team tasked with the turnaround of Zain Saudi Arabia. In Q2 2015 Zain KSA achieved the first operational break even and positive EBIT in its history since launch in ...
Feb 2014 — Mar 2016

Independent Freelance Consultant For Group Strategy Function

Managed the redesign and implementation of a new strategic planning process for the 7 main opcos across the group and Group itself. Liaised with Group functions, opco Strategy Directors and...
Mar 2013 — Jul 2013

Independent Freelance Consultant

Managed the delivery of a number projects for the Enterprise business unit of a Middle East integrated telecoms operator. The projects consisted of a mix of strategic and operational requir...
Apr 2012 — Dec 2012

Independent Freelance Consultant

Part of the team that was responsible for a strategy definition and implementation project for the Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI), the incumbent and largest mobile telecoms ...
Jan 1, 2012 — Mar 1, 2012

Independent Freelance Consultant

Boutique consultancy: Worked on growth strategy and organisation development for a leading UK arts organisation: Client opened first international office in Asia. Undertook capability gap an...
Apr 1, 2010 — Dec 1, 2011

Manager of Consulting Services

Kensington Consultancy Group was set up in 2009 and provides clients with teams of independent consultants as an alternative to the traditional top strategy houses - McKinsey, Bain and BCG. ...
May 2010 — Dec 2011

Associate In Communications Media and Telecommunications Practice

I left Oliver Wyman to undertake a 20 month family trip across SE Asia and at the time of leaving was on track for promotion to Senior Associate. Managed a ME regional market assessment for ...
May 2007 — Aug 2008

Manager In Enterprise Mobility and Marketing Departments

Manager of Corporate Marketing Segment in Vodafone UK’s Enterprise Business Unit and lead on strategic projects Manage a matrix/cross-functional Corporate Segment Marketing team of 10 FTEs...
Oct 2004 — May 2007

Work Stream Leader

The UK Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit was based in the Cabinet Office between 2002 and 2010 and set up by the former Prime Minister Tony Blair. The unit was designed to provide in-depth stra...
Jun 2004 — Sep 2004


Darwin was a boutique strategy consulting firm started up by ex-Accenture consultants and London Business School Sloan alumni. Their niches were the use of the strategy dynamics methodology/...
Jul 1999 — Jul 2002

Trainee Business Advisor

Member of 1997 graduate intake for Business Advisory practice. Undertook and led projects across multiple sectors including manufacturing, retail and not for profit.
Sep 1997 — Feb 1999



Chief Commercial Officer
Management Consultant
Sport Trainer
Sports Trainer
Sales Specialist
Sales Agent
Retail Professional
Chief Executive
Management Analyst
Sports Trainers
Sales Representative
Retail Salesperson


Business Development
New Business Development
Marketing Strategy
Business Planning
Start Ups
Stakeholder Management
Business Strategy
Competitive Analysis
Product Innovation
Management Consulting
Cross Functional Team Leadership
Strategic Planning
Start Up Consulting
Change Management
Program Management
Strategic Thinking
Sales Management
Process Design
Strategy Development
Business Turn Arounds
Strategic Consulting
Market Research
Operations Management
Customer Segmentation Strategy

FAQs about Simeon Berry

What's the main profession of Simeon Berry?

This professional's job is Commercial Manager - Government Effectiveness and Innovation

What jobs is Simeon a professional at?

Simeon Berry is proficient at Executive and Chief Commercial Officer jobs.

Where does Simeon Berry live?

Simeon Berry currently lives in Rancho Cordova, California.

What is Simeon Berry's email?

The professional's email is be** and si**

How many companies did Simeon Berry work at?

Simeon Berry worked at 13 jobs.

What education does Simeon Berry have?

Simeon studied at the Institute of Directors from 2018 to 2018.

What is the industry that Simeon Berry worked in?

Simeon Berry works in International Trade And Development industry.

What are the skills of Simeon Berry?

Simeon has skills in the following areas: Strategy, Business Development, New Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Business Planning, Start Ups, Stakeholder Management, and Management.