Scott Reams

Director of Operations

We found the following information about Scott Reams at Lakeshore Audiovisual, Inc., where the professional has worked as a Director of Operations since 2010. Scott's total work experience is over 25 years, during which time the professional had at least four jobs at different places to develop skills. Scott studied at the Art Institute of Atlanta from 1989 to 1990. Scott Reams currently is located in Washington, DC. You can contact with Scott by searching for phone number or email or get exhaustive information by requesting access to their additional details from us.
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Scotty Reams

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Jan 29, 2016
Washington, DC


LSAV - Lakeshore Audiovisual, Inc.
Director of Operations


Events Services

Work History

Director of Operations

Beltsville, MD
Duties include management of the day-to-day activities of the warehouse, efficiently overseeing the constant flow of gear into and out of our existing inventory for shipment to various sites...
from Jan 2010

Freelance Technician

Contracted technician for Freeman events in the Washington, DC metro area and nationwide. Duties included programming audience response system (ARS), computer networking of client offices, m...
Nov 2004 — Nov 2009

Freelance Technician

Served in freelance capacity on an “as needed” basis for various Projection activities. Director of Audio Visual Services on a short term basis in three separate Projection in-house proper...
Sep 1996 — Nov 2009

Freelance Tech

Contracted technician for Advanced Concepts events in the Washington, DC metro area, including the annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular conferences. Duties included installation and oversigh...
Sep 2001 — Sep 2008


1989 — 1990

FAQs about Scott Reams

What is the profession of Scott Reams?

This professional's job is Director of Operations

What jobs is Scott proficient at at?

Scott is proficient at Executive and Director of Operations jobs.

Where does Scott Reams currently live?

The expert currently lives in Washington, DC.

Where did Scott Reams work?

This expert worked at Lakeshore Audiovisual, Inc., Freeman Audio Visual Solutions, Inc.

Does Scott Reams have personal website or blog?

The professional`s website is

Where has Scott Reams studied?

Scott studied at the Art Institute of Atlanta from 1989 to 1990.

What is the industry that Scott Reams worked in?

This professional works in Information Technology and Services industry.


Director of Operations
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Information Technology Specialist
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