Sahiro Tsukioka

Associate Project Manager

We found the following information about Sahiro Tsukioka at Gss Inc., where the professional has worked as a Associate Project Manager since 2019. Sahiro's total work experience is over 13 years, during which time this professional had at least ten jobs at different places to develop professional skills. Sahiro studied at the Kawashima Textile School from 2007 to 2008. This person received the following certifications: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Jmec, and Temple University Japan. Currently, Sahiro Tsukioka lives in Dallas, Texas. You can contact with Sahiro by looking for phone or email or get exhaustive info by requesting access to this professional's further details from Connexy.
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Sahiro Tsukioka

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
Dallas, TX


GSS Inc.
Associate Project Manager


Management Consulting

Work History

Associate Project Manager

Project management for construction of backhaul conduit installation and power service for SAC Wireless and site audit for HC2 Broadcasting. Finance Management, Managing financial data/con...
from Nov 2019

Senior Administrative Assistant

Nov 2016 — Apr 2019

Senior Administrator - Jump Project

Project and Construction management completed as a Prime Contractor for a Chicago based company, Jump Trading LLC, a high frequency trading entity. Tasked with establishing high frequency m...
May 2015 — Oct 2016

Senior Administrator  Business Development and Sales

Lead of contract management team in Business Development/Sales team at Tokyo HQ. Managed all contracts related to telecommunication businesses with both foreign and domestic companies. Creat...
Apr 2015 — Feb 2016

Senior Administrator  Sprint Fallout Site Recovery Project

Project Management for the Fallout Site Recovery for Sprint. Tasked with reviewing, analyzing and estimating the capital and operating expenditures for Sprint’s 2,100 fallout sites. Based o...
Jan 2015 — Apr 2015

Senior Administrator - Fast Pole Project

Fast Pole® is Lendlease in-house proprietary designed telecommunication concrete pole that was innovated and patented in 2011. Lendlease has successfully sold 4,000+ poles to Softbank Mobil...
Jul 2011 — Dec 2014

Senior Administrator - Nokia Project

OEM Project Management for 400 sites of 1.5GHz installation, Modify, Replace, Upgrades rollout projects for Nokia Siemens Networks. Tasked with contract management with the client and Softba...
Jan 2010 — Jun 2011

Public Relations

Guide in Japanese and English the history of the property that was built in the days of Bunsiei era (1820's) in Higashi Kuruwa area where a high-class eastern pleasure quarter to the domest...
May 2008 — Dec 2009

Corporate Coordinator, Barista and Patissier

Coordinating company's events and decorating the company as required. Making and serving drinks and sweets to clients and employees at a cafe built inside the office. Communication held i...
Apr 2005 — Mar 2006

English School Assistant

Assisting English classes for kids. Creating materials for the classes such as flashcards, educational tools etc. Escorting kids on excursion and other outside activities as required.
Jan 2003 — Mar 2005


2007 — 2008
2001 — 2001
1998 — 2001


Project Manager
Supporting Member
Administrative Associate
Project Managers
Team Member
Administrative Clerk
Clerical Specialist


Microsoft Excel
Communication Skills
Senior Administration
Executive Support
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word
Collaborative Problem Solving
Contractual Agreements
Internal Communications
Project Management
Administrative Assistance
Cost Control
Data Analysis
Schedule Management
Executive Report
Construction Management
Startup Support
Project Cost
Program Management
Contract Management
Project Coordination
Quality Assurance
Risk Assessment
Business Development
Stakeholder Management
Interpersonal Communication

FAQs about Sahiro Tsukioka

What's the profession of Sahiro Tsukioka?

This professional's job is Associate Project Manager

What jobs is Sahiro Tsukioka proficient at at?

The expert is proficient at Project Manager jobs.

Where does Sahiro Tsukioka currently live?

Dallas, Texas is the place where Sahiro Tsukioka currently lives

How many companies did Sahiro Tsukioka work at?

The professional worked at ten jobs.

What education does Sahiro Tsukioka have?

Sahiro studied at the Kawashima Textile School from 2007 to 2008.

Are there any professional certifications, that Sahiro Tsukioka has?

Sahiro Tsukioka received the following certifications: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Jmec, Temple University Japan, and On-The-Ground I-Category Special Radio Operator.

Are there any professional industries Sahiro Tsukioka works in?

Sahiro works in Construction industry.

What are special skills of Sahiro Tsukioka?

This person has skills in the following areas: English, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Communication Skills, Senior Administration, Executive Support, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Windows, Outlook, and Art.