Sabine Filoni

Sabine Filoni

Executive Vice President, Concierge Realty

We found the following information about Sabine Filoni at Concierge Realty, where Sabine has worked as a Executive Vice President since 2012. Sabine's total work experience is over 15 years, during which time this professional had at least three jobs at different places to develop skills. Sabine studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Sabine currently is located in New York, New York. You can contact with Sabine by looking for phone number or email address or get exhaustive information by requesting access to the person's additional details from us.
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Sabine Filoni

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
New York, NY


Concierge Realty
Executive Vice President


Real Estate

Work History

Executive Vice President

Little Silver, NJ
Directs timeshare and fractional ownership rental program, develops new revenue streams, markets to existing and new clientele, responsible for public and press relations, manages agents, ad...
from Aug 2012


Little Silver, NJ
Founded and grew Exclusive Club Vacations, offering luxury vacation properties at private residences clubs such as Ritz Carlton Club and Four Seasons Residence Club. Expanded offerings to in...
Dec 2005 — Jul 2012

Partner/Director of Operations

Gulph Mills and Bryn Mawr, PA
Developed and managed concepts for upscale restaurants. Opened and operated two award-winning restaurants - one gastronomic restaurant featuring cuisine of the French and Italian Riviera and...
Jul 1997 — Dec 2005


Executive Vice President
Chief Administrative Officer
Vice President
Chief Executive

FAQs about Sabine Filoni

What is the profession of Sabine Filoni?

This professional's job is Executive Vice President, Concierge Realty

What are the profession of The expert?

These person's professions are Executive and Executive Vice President

Where is Sabine Filoni located?

Sabine Filoni is currently located in New York, New York.

How many companies did Sabine Filoni work at?

Sabine Filoni worked at three jobs.

Does Sabine Filoni have personal webpage or blog?

Sabine Filoni`s website is

What education does Sabine Filoni have?

Sabine studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

What languages does Sabine Filoni speak?

Sabine Filoni speaks English and French.

What is professional industry that Sabine Filoni worked in?

This person works in Leisure, Travel & Tourism industry.