Roger Carpenter

Roger Carpenter

VP Engineering

We found the following information about Roger Carpenter at Wave Semiconductor, where Roger has worked as a VP Engineering since 2010. Roger's total work experience is over 24 years, during which time this expert had at least 12 jobs at different places to develop professional skills. Roger studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1987 to 1989. Currently, Roger lives in San Francisco, California. You can contact with Roger by searching for phone number or email address or get exhaustive info by requesting access to the person's further details from Connexy.
Name variants:
Rodger Carpenter, Rod Carpenter, Roddy Carpenter, Rodge Carpenter, Roge Carpenter

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jan 29, 2016
San Francisco, CA


Wave Semiconductor
VP Engineering



Work History

VP Engineering

580 North Pastoria Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Our team has been developing a methodology and flow for asynchronous synthesis, simulation, static timing, and power analysis. This includes the architecture and implementation of Wave Thre...
from Feb 2010

Vice President, Design and Services

Santa Clara, CA
- Responsible for design services of sequential clock gating and power pattern generation products. - Design adaptive voltage scaling (AVS) IP including embedded low dropout (LDO) regulator...
May 2009 — Feb 2010

Chief Technology Officer

Saratoga, CA
- Manage R&D team sprints, scrums. Extend roadmap: ESL, floorplan synthesis, cloud computing. - Partner with IMEC and Qualcomm: Develop architecture and 3D TSV Pathfinding methodology. ...
Jul 2008 — May 2009

Vice President, Strategic Technology

San Jose, CA
- Drove strategic growth of company from single core product to multiple distinct business units. - Galvanize technical sales execution of critical accounts in order to meet quarterly reven...
Mar 2004 — Jul 2008

Senior Manager, Design Implementation

San Jose, CA
- Managed design groups totaling 15 engineers and up to six projects. Outsourced acquired design. - Project management of 12 unique Ethernet switches across physical, logic, test, and verif...
Jul 2000 — Mar 2004

Director of Design Services

Cupertino, CA
- Established initial physical synthesis flow from logic synthesis through post layout optimization. - Managed team of seven product and design engineers across multiple customers and disci...
Jun 1998 — Jul 2000

Engineering Manager, Microprocessor, Circuit, and Physical Design

Sunnyvale, CA
- Designed and characterized standard cell library. Floorplan, place, and route methodology. - Assisted in design of high speed 4-read/4-write memory and custom datapath arithmetic blocks. ...
1994 — 1998

Senior Integrated Circuit Design Engineer

San Jose, CA
- Top-down FPGA chip design using Synopsys logic synthesis and Cadence layout synthesis. - I/O cell design, interconnect and test strategies. Look up table vs. antifuse architecture tradeof...
1991 — 1994

Solid State Device Engineer

Santa Clara, CA
- SOI fully depleted device modeling, add back-bias to speedup EEPROM GAL.
Aug 1989 — Mar 1991

Research Assistant

Cambridge, MA
- X-ray lithography triboepitaxial thin film crystalline silicon with C control
Dec 1987 — May 1989

Circuit Engineer

Palo Alto, CA
- Test vehicles for BiCMOS standard cells and gate arrays.
May 1986 — Aug 1987

Software Engineer

Cambridge, MA
- Graphics and virtual reality optical sensor hand recognition: assembly, C.
May 1985 — Aug 1985


Vice President of Engineering
Vice President
Chief Executive


Physical Design
Electrical Engineering
Mixed Signal
Integrated Circuit Design
Signal Integrity
Static Timing Analysis
Digital Signal Processors
Hardware Architecture
Semiconductor Industry
RTL design
Embedded Systems

FAQs about Roger Carpenter

What's the main profession of Roger Carpenter?

This professional's job is VP Engineering

What are the profession of The expert?

These person's professions are Executive and Vice President of Engineering

Where does Roger Carpenter currently live?

San Francisco, California is the place where Roger Carpenter currently lives

Where did Roger Carpenter work?

This expert worked at Wave Semiconductor, Envis.

Does Roger Carpenter have personal website or blog?

This professional`s website is

What education does Roger Carpenter have?

Roger studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1987 to 1989.

Are there any industries Roger Carpenter is connected to?

This professional works in Semiconductors industry.

What are the skills of Roger Carpenter?

This person has skills in the following areas: Physical Design, Semiconductors, Microprocessors, Electrical Engineering, ASIC, SoC, IC, CMOS, EDA, Mixed Signal, TCL, Verilog, VLSI, and Integrated Circuit Design.