Robert Tomaka

Finance Manager

Robert Tomaka has been working as a Finance Manager in Meier Supply Company, Inc. since 2006. Furthermore, this expert has professional experience at one company in the related field. Robert has a total work experience of 16+ years. Robert Tomaka studied at the Suny Geneseo from 1990 to 1993. Now Robert lives in Conklin, New York region. You can find Robert Tomaka's current email address and number through our search.
Name variants:
Robert Tomaka, Bob Tomaka, Bobbie Tomaka, Bobby Tomaka, Dob Tomaka, Rob Tomaka, Robbie Tomaka, Robby Tomaka, Robin Tomaka, Bert Tomaka, Bertie Tomaka

Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 8, 2022
Conklin, NY


Meier Supply Company, Inc.
Finance Manager



Work History

Finance Manager

from Jan 2006


1990 — 1993

FAQs about Robert Tomaka

What is the main profession of Robert Tomaka?

The expert is a Finance Manager.

What jobs is Robert proficient at at?

Robert Tomaka is proficient at such jobs as Executive and Financial Director.

Where does Robert Tomaka currently live?

Conklin, New York is the place where Robert Tomaka currently lives

What is Robert's email?

Robert Tomaka's email is rt**

Where did Robert Tomaka work?

The expert worked at Meier Supply Company, Inc..

Where has Robert Tomaka studied?

Robert studied at the Suny Geneseo from 1990 to 1993.

Are there any industries, that Robert Tomaka is connected to?

Robert Tomaka works in Wholesale industry.