Rick Swensen

Construction Professional with experience in Business Development, Project Management & Consulting

We found the following information about Rick Swensen at Barrera and Company, Inc., where this person has worked as a Project Director - Construction Management (CM) Services since 2012. Rick's total work experience is over 19 years, during which time Rick Swensen had at least eight jobs at different places to develop professional skills. Rick studied at the Kaplan University from 2009 to 2011. Currently, Rick lives in San Francisco, California. You can contact with Rick by looking for phone or email address or find further information by requesting access to the person's further details from Connexy.
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Ricky Swensen

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
San Francisco, CA


Barrera and Company, Inc.
Project Director - Construction Management (CM) Services


Real Estate

Work History

Project Director - Construction Management (CM) Services

Served as the Director of Construction Management Services for a firm based out of San Diego, California. Served HOA's, property managers and private building owners by providing the followi...
2012 — 2013

Regional BD Manager/Project Manager

Palo Alto, CA
Architectural Engineering firm specializing in consulting services focused on roofing, waterproofing, building envelope design, construction forensics, construction monitoring, energy conser...
2009 — 2012

Division Manager-Roofing and Waterproofing

Livermore, California
Managed the Roofing & Waterproofing Division start up operation for a specialty contractor based out of Livermore, CA. Oversaw sales and project management of all roofing projects and re...
2007 — 2008

Northern CA Sales & Service Manager

Fairfield, CA
Responsible for opening of a new roofing service based operation in Northern California for a national roofing contractor. Under the name Progressive Services Inc., we provided roof repairs,...
2004 — 2007

Manufacturer's Rep/PM

Fairfield, CA
Working alongside my father, I served as a project manager for a metal cladding manufacturer's rep (BAI) along with his operation which was focused on custom fabrication of metal roofing and...
2002 — 2004


Carlsbad, CA
Worked with a 5 time NRCA Gold Circle Award winning metal roofing contractor out of Carlsbad, CA and managed roofing operations, estimating, proposal development and contract management. Wor...
2000 — 2004

Metal Roofing Division Manager

Managed the Metal Roofing Manufacturing Division for Northern CA from our West Sacramento Plant. Oversaw production schedules, site manufacturing projects, trained and managed staff of shop ...
Jan 2002 — Jun 2003

Regional Sales Manager

San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Arizona
As the N. CA Sales Manager, I was responsible for management and oversight of the N. CA Sales Region including our Service Center located in Sacramento, CA. Sold architectural metal roofing ...
1997 — 2001


2009 — 2011
1990 — 1992


Home Contractor
Construction Professional
Project Manager
Team Member
Operations Manager
Project Managers


Cost Estimating
Sheet Metal Design
Life Cycle Assessment
Single Ply Roofing
Metal Fabrication
Leak Investigations
Construction Management
Microsoft Office
Energy Efficiency
Proposal Writing
Facilities Management
Metal Roofing Design and Detailing
Metal Roof Consultation
Property Condition Assessments
Project Management
Supply Chain Management
Architectural Drafting
Sheet Metal Cladding
Building Envelope - Due Diligence/Property Inspections
Metal Roofing
Preventive Maintenance
Contract Management
Contract Negotiation
Green Building
Building Materials
Process Scheduler
Change Orders
Project Bidding
Team Building
New Business Development
Sales Management
Project Planning
MS Project
Strategic Planning
Property Management
Cost Management
Solar PV

FAQs about Rick Swensen

What's the profession of Rick Swensen?

This professional's job is Construction Professional with experience in Business Development, Project Management & Consulting

What are the profession of The professional?

These person's professions are Home Contractor and Construction Professional

Where does Rick Swensen currently live?

San Francisco, California is the place where Rick Swensen currently lives

Where did Rick Swensen work?

The professional worked at Barrera and Company, Inc., Allana Buick & Bers, Inc..

Where has Rick Swensen studied?

Rick studied at the Kaplan University from 2009 to 2011.

Are there any special industries, that Rick Swensen works in?

Rick works in Facilities Services industry.

What are professional skills of Rick Swensen?

Rick Swensen has skills in the following areas: Cost Estimating, Sheet Metal Design, Life Cycle Assessment, Roofing, Single Ply Roofing, Metal Fabrication, Waterproofing, and Leak Investigations.