Richard O'keeffe

Managing Director

Richard O'keeffe is a highly qualified expert, that works in PNC Financial Services Group as a Managing Director - Eastern Region, Institutional Investments. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the city, where this expert was lastly known to be settled. Richard O'keeffe's email address and phone are easily accessed through Connexy by request.
Name variants:
Richard O'Keeffe, Dick O'Keeffe, Rick O'Keeffe, Ricky O'Keeffe, Rich O'Keeffe, Richie O'Keeffe

Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 11, 2022
Philadelphia, PA
PNC Financial Services Group


Managing Director - Eastern Region, Institutional Investments

Work History

Managing Director - Eastern Region, Institutional Investments

FAQs about Richard O'keeffe

What is the main profession of Richard O'keeffe?

The expert is a Managing Director.

What jobs is Richard O'keeffe a professional at?

Richard is a professional such jobs as Executive and Chief Executive Officer.

Where does Richard O'keeffe live?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the place where Richard O'keeffe lives

What is the expert's email?

The professional's email is rm**

How many companies did Richard O'keeffe work at?

Richard O'keeffe worked at one jobs.

Are there any professional industries, that Richard O'keeffe works in?

This professional works in Financial Services industry.


Chief Executive Officer
Finance and Accounting Specialist
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive
Accounting Bookkeeper