Raymond Bercse

Office Manager/Sales Coordinator/Customer Service

We found the following information about Raymond Bercse at CES Industries, Inc, where Raymond has worked as a Office Manager/Sales Coordinator/Customer Service since 2002. Raymond's total work experience is over 12 years, during which time this person had at least three jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Raymond studied at the True University. Raymond Bercse currently is located in North Lindenhurst, New York. You can contact with Raymond by searching for phone or email address or find exhaustive info by requesting access to this expert's further details from Connexy.
Name variants:
Raymund Bercse, Ray Bercse, Pug Bercse

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 4, 2016
North Lindenhurst, NY


Office Manager/Sales Coordinator/Customer Service

Work History

Office Manager/Sales Coordinator/Customer Service

from 2002

Sales Representative

Philadelphia, PA
1997 — 2001

Sales Representative

New York, NY
1989 — 1997



Hollywood, FL


Office Assistant
Sales Specialist
Sales Coordinator
Customer Service
Client Service Officer
Sales Representative
Sales Agent
Support Specialist
Office Clerk
Clerical Specialist
Sales Manager

FAQs about Raymond Bercse

What is the main profession of Raymond Bercse?

Raymond Bercse is a Office Manager/Sales Coordinator/Customer Service.

What are the profession of The expert?

These person's professions are Office Assistant

Where does Raymond Bercse currently live?

North Lindenhurst, New York is the place where Raymond Bercse lives

How many companies did Raymond Bercse work at?

Raymond Bercse worked at three jobs.

What education does Raymond Bercse have?

Raymond studied at the True University.