Rachelle Paris

Administrative Support Assistant

Rachelle Paris has been working as a Administrative Support Assistant at City of Atascadero since 2012. Moreover, this expert has professional experience at one company using similar skills. Rachelle has a total work experience of 12+ years. Currently this person lives in San Luis Obispo, California region. Find this person's current email address and phone number with our search.
Name variants:
Rachelle Paris

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jan 29, 2016
San Luis Obispo, CA


Administrative Support Assistant


Civil Engineering

Work History

Administrative Support Assistant

Atascadero, California
from Feb 2012


Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Executive


Stormwater Management
Water Quality
Environmental Compliance
Government Liaison
Conservation Issues
Community Development
Educational Outreach
Environmental Awareness
Environmental Policy
Waste Management

FAQs about Rachelle Paris

What is the main profession of Rachelle Paris?

Rachelle Paris is a Administrative Support Assistant.

What are the main profession of This expert?

These person's professions are Executive and Chief Administrative Officer

Where does Rachelle Paris currently live?

San Luis Obispo, California is the place where Rachelle Paris lives

Where did Rachelle Paris work?

This expert worked at City of Atascadero.

What is the industry that Rachelle Paris worked in?

Rachelle works in Environmental Services industry.

What are the skills of Rachelle Paris?

This professional has skills in the following areas: Stormwater Management, Water Quality, Environmental Compliance, Government Liaison, GIS, Conservation Issues, Fundraising, NPDES, and Community Development.