Rachael Griffith

Director of Sales and Marketing

We found the following information about Rachael Griffith at Hurst Conference Center, where this person has worked as a Director of Sales and Marketing since 2012. Rachael's total work experience is over 17 years, during which time Rachael had at least 11 jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Rachael studied at the University of Texas at Arlington from 1999 to 2000. Rachael Griffith currently lives in Dallas, Texas. You can contact with Rachael by searching for phone or email or get additional information by requesting access to Rachael Griffith's further details.
Name variants:
Rachael Griffith

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Dallas, TX


Hurst Conference Center
Director of Sales and Marketing


Events Services

Work History

Director of Sales and Marketing

Dallas/Fort Worth Area
from Apr 2012

Director of Sales and Marketing

from Apr 2012


Jan 2010 — Jun 2011

Steering Committee Member

2008 — 2008

Director of Sales

Jan 2007 — Jun 2011

Area Director of Sales and Marketing

Directed Sales and Marketing efforts for three Retirement, Assisted Living, Alzheimer and Brain Injury Properties.
Mar 2004 — Jan 2006

Executive Director

Managed 150 unit retirement and assisted living property in El Paso, Texas. Responsible for 35 employees with 8 direct reports as well as maintaining high census by way of strategic sales an...
Jan 2003 — Mar 2004

Executive Director, Area Director of Sales and Marketing

El Paso, TX
2002 — 2006

Business Manager

Dallas, TX
2001 — 2002

Marketing Assistant

1999 — 2001


1995 — 1999

communications and business


Operations Manager
Chief Executive

FAQs about Rachael Griffith

What's the main profession of Rachael Griffith?

Rachael Griffith is a Director of Sales and Marketing.

What jobs is Rachael Griffith a professional at?

Rachael Griffith is proficient at such jobs as Executive and Director.

Where is Rachael Griffith currently located?

The expert is located in Dallas, Texas.

How many companies did Rachael Griffith work at?

The professional worked at 11 jobs.

Does Rachael Griffith have personal website or blog?

Rachael Griffith`s website is http://www.texasstateaquarium.org, http://www.greatercchospitalityassociation.com, and http://www.hurstcc.com.

What education does Rachael Griffith have?

Rachael studied at the University of Texas at Arlington from 1999 to 2000.

What languages does Rachael Griffith speak?

Rachael Griffith speaks Spanish.

Are there any industries Rachael Griffith works in?

This person works in Hospitality industry.