Peter Tabor

Vice President, Regulatory & International Affairs, Pet Food Institute

We found the following information about Peter Tabor at Foreign Agricultural Service, where this professional has worked as a Director, Plant Division since 2010. Peter's total work experience is over ten years, during which time Peter Tabor had at least four jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Peter studied at the Loyola Law School, Loyola Marymount University from 2000 to 2003. Peter Tabor currently is located in Washington, DC. You can contact with Peter by looking for phone number or email or get full info by requesting access to Peter's additional details from us.
Name variants:
Petr Tabor, Pete Tabor, Petie Tabor, Petey Tabor

Contact Information

Last Update
Jan 29, 2016
Washington, DC


Director, Plant Division


Develop & Service Foreign Markets, Agricultural Services, Regulation Agricultural Marketing

Work History

Director, Plant Division

Washington D.C. Metro Area
I managed the FAS Plant Division, leading a team charged with securing and maintaining access for US plant and plant product exports. Our team carefully analyzed SPS, TBT and food safety ch...
Apr 2010 — Jan 2013

Senior Advisor, Trade Policy

Washington D.C. Metro Area
Senior Advisor to the Deputy Administrator in the Foreign Agricultural Service Office of Scientific and Technical Affairs. Responsible for coordinating FAS interaction with foreign and inte...
Feb 2007 — Mar 2010

Client Services Team Manager

Managed a team of Client Services representatives to ensure customer satisfaction and generate new business from our current client base. Worked with software and Internet application devel...
1998 — 2000

Manager, Client Services

1998 — 2000

FAQs about Peter Tabor

What's the main profession of Peter Tabor?

Peter is a Vice President, Regulatory & International Affairs, Pet Food Institute.

What jobs is Peter Tabor proficient at at?

The expert is proficient at Executive and Vice President jobs.

Where does Peter Tabor live?

The expert currently lives in Washington, DC.

How many companies did Peter Tabor work at?

The professional worked at four jobs.

What education does Peter Tabor have?

Peter studied at the Loyola Law School, Loyola Marymount University from 2000 to 2003.

What languages does Peter Tabor speak?

Peter Tabor speaks English and Spanish.

What is professional industry that Peter Tabor is connected to?

Peter works in International Trade and Development industry.