Peter Schmitt

Peter Schmitt

President, CEO I Customer Experience Evangelist

For over 25 years Peter Schmitt worked in different jobs. Recently, this person worked as a President, CEO in Dialogue Marketing enhancing knowledge. This expert graduated from Northwestern University where this person got all the knowledge and skills. You can find this expert in Detroit, Michigan, where he lives nowadays. Connexy has all the data you need to contact Peter Schmitt, such as this person's number or email. Send the request to get additional info.
Name variants:
Petr Schmitt, Pete Schmitt, Petie Schmitt, Petey Schmitt

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jan 29, 2016
Detroit, MI


Dialog Direct
President, CEO

Highland Park, MI



Work History

President, CEO

Troy, MI
As President and CEO for Dialogue Marketing, Schmitt leads technical and strategic development planning, marketing and sales initiatives, partnerships and innovation for Dialogue Marketing a...
from 2001

Board Member

Auburn Hills, MI
In alignment with Schmitt's strategy to differentiate its businesses by creating strategic business units focused on industry verticals, Donor Dialogue was launched in 2005 under Peter's lea...
from 2005

Board Member

Troy, MI
Go to Market International,or G2Mi, is the second business unit to branch out of the Dialogue Marketing umbrella in 2009. G2Mi provides profitable go-to market programs that are designed to...
from 2009

Board Member

Troy, MI
In 2010, Insurance Dialogue was introduced as a strategic business unit, catering to the Insurance and Financial market. This group sells, services, retains, and enrolls Health, Life, Medica...
from 2010

Founder and Board Member

Based in Shanghai, China
In 2004, Schmitt launched Shanghai, China-based Techrim ITE, a software development company that offers both packaged applications and custom development services, primarily for the financi...
from 2004

Board Member

Founded by several of the nation's leading credit unions, CU Student Choice enables hundreds of credit unions to offer an innovative private student lending program to students and families ...
May 2008 — Apr 2011

Executive Director

Peter Schmitt served as executive director of St. Petersburg, Fla.-based PSCU Financial Services and president of Total Member Care, a PSCU Financial Services solution and nationwide provide...
2007 — 2011

President and Founding Partner

Auburn Hills, MI
1999 — Apr 2011

Director of Marketing

1995 — 1999

Investment Banker

Chicago and New York
1995 — 1997


Chief Executive Officer
Board Member
Advertising Professional
HR Specialist
Sales Specialist
Chief Executive
Corporate Executive
Religious Worker
Management Team Executive
Operations Manager
Founding Member
Advertising Sales Agent
Services Professional
Sales Representative


Call Center
Strategic Planning
Team Building
Marketing Strategy
Financial Services
Strategic Partnerships
Business Development
Account Management
Call Centers
Business Intelligence
Sales Management
New Business Development
Process Improvement

FAQs about Peter Schmitt

What is the main profession of Peter Schmitt?

Peter Schmitt is a President, CEO I Customer Experience Evangelist.

What jobs is Peter Schmitt proficient at at?

Peter is a professional such jobs as Executive and Chairperson.

Where does Peter Schmitt currently live?

Detroit, Michigan is the place where Peter Schmitt currently lives

Where did Peter Schmitt work?

Peter worked at Dialogue Marketing, Donor Dialogue.

Does Peter Schmitt have personal website or blog?

Peter Schmitt`s website is and

Where has Peter Schmitt studied?

Peter studied at the Northwestern University from 2013.

Are there any special awards Peter Schmitt received?

Peter received awards and these awards are: Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of the Year - Ernst & Young and 2012 Top Marketing Executive -

Are there any special industries, that Peter Schmitt is connected to?

This professional works in Marketing and Advertising industry.