Onno Koelman

Associate Consultant

Onno Koelman is a highly qualified expert, working in PAX Water Technologies as a Director of Sales (strategy) since 2009. This expert has earned professional experience in more than seven positions at different companies. Onno Koelman went to the Sandler Sales and got education there from 2007 to 2012. Onno Koelman has these qualifications: Eqi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment. San Francisco, California is the area, where this person was known to live. This professional's phone number and email are easily accessed through Connexy by request.
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Onno Koelman

Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 7, 2022
on**@liw3.com, ok**@paxwater.com
San Francisco, CA
PAX Water Technologies


Director of Sales (strategy)

Work History

Director of Sales (strategy)

Richmond, CA
National (and international) Director of Sales for PAX Water Technologies. My job is to generate and then filter and assess sales strategy ideas through the lens of my experience in the wate...
from Nov 2009

Sales Management (coaching)

San Francisco Bay Area
For the past five years I've had the task of managing the performance of our state-by-state reps. This involves everyday support, brainstorming new ideas, traveling and meeting their familie...
from Nov 2009

Sales & Marketing (speaker)

San Francisco Bay Area
This has been a huge aspect of my work at PAX. We entered a very slow-moving and cautious drinking water industry and have spent years educating and gently guiding customers into a new way o...
from Jan 2007

Facilitation and Presentation Staff

San Francisco Bay Area
The ManKind Project is training and coaching organization which goes deeper than most. I've absorbed several of their training weekend workshops, and facilitated on a number of their staffin...
Sep 2011 — Dec 2012

Design Engineer

San rafael, ca
Design Engineer, also responsible for program management for first few years, and hiring/HR decisions to bring on more engineers. Those hires are still there today! Fan engineering, testing...
Mar 2003 — Jan 2007

Research Fellow - Energy Efficiency

Boulder, CO
During my time at RMI, I also put in a short stint with the Energy Resources team, working on an energy strategy for San Francisco on how to diversify their energy generation and efficiency ...
Jan 2003 — Mar 2003

Research Fellow - Green Building

Old Snowmass, CO
Worked primarily with the Green Building team, where my focus was on Biomimciry and Biophilia (mimicking life's designs and strategies and then love of life, respectively) and how we could i...
Jun 2002 — Jan 2003


2007 — 2012
1998 — 2002


Supporting Member
Training and Coaching Professional
Team Member
Operations Manager
Chief Executive
Professional Development Teacher


Public Speaking
Marketing Strategy
Energy Efficiency
Program Management
Renewable Energy
Strategic Planning
Green Building
Sales Presentations
Start Ups
Emotional Intelligence
Business Development
Business Strategy
Presentation Development
Solution Selling
Consultative Selling Style

FAQs about Onno Koelman

What is the profession of Onno Koelman?

This professional's job is Associate Consultant

What are the main profession of The professional?

These person's professions are Supporting Member

Where does Onno Koelman live?

San Francisco, California is the place where Onno Koelman currently lives

Does Onno Koelman have the email address?

on**@liw3.com and ok**@paxwater.com is Onno's email address.

How many companies did Onno Koelman work at?

The professional worked at seven jobs.

Where has Onno Koelman studied?

Onno studied at the Sandler Sales from 2007 to 2012.

Are there any professional certifications Onno Koelman has?

This professional received the following certifications: Eqi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

Are there any special awards Onno Koelman received?

This person received awards and these awards are: Stanford Associates Award - Award of Merit - Stanford University and Dante Dettamanti Coaches Award - Stanford University Water Polo.