Nick Gallegos

Senior Director of Operations, Inc.

We found the following information about Nick Gallegos at Analytical Food Laboratories, where Nick has worked as a Senior Director of Operations since 2012. Nick's total work experience is over 28 years, during which time Nick had at least 13 jobs at different places to develop skills. Nick studied at the University of Texas at San Antonio from 1983 to 1988. Nick Gallegos currently is located in Dallas, Texas. You can contact with Nick by looking for phone or email address or find additional info by requesting access to Nick's further details from us.
Name variants:
Dominic Gallegos, Nicholas Gallegos

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Dallas, TX


AFL - Analytical Food Laboratories
Senior Director of Operations



Work History

Senior Director of Operations

Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Serve as critical member of the executive team providing vision, leadership and strategies for new business, process improvements and cost saving projects. Lead efficient execution of testin...
from Oct 2012

Quality Manager

Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Managed QC/QA laboratory and Management Representative reporting to plant manager and responsible for the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system (QMS). Developed, implemented and achieved m...
Oct 2010 — Aug 2012

Quality Systems Manager

Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Management Representative reporting to President, responsible for establishing, maintaining and improving the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS) for North America. Implemented the QM...
Mar 2007 — Oct 2010

Quality Systems Coordinator

Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Resolved and documented customer complaints, questionnaires, and product specification reviews using Six-Sigma DMAIC, 5S, & 8D approach to drive continual improvement to prevent / reduce...
Aug 2006 — Feb 2007

PEP Associate

Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Six-Sigma resource for Procurement Enhancement Projects (PEP). Trained in Six-Sigma DMAIC methodology (identify cost savings and implement actions to reduce spend). Re-negotiated NA Small Pa...
Nov 2005 — Jul 2006

Quality Assurance Chemist

Bay City, Texas
Ensured quality assurance for products manufactured at and raw materials supplied to plant, contract terminals, warehouses and distributors, including OU kosher and FDA requirements. Provide...
Jan 2000 — Oct 2005

Process Chemist

Bay City, Texas
Supported manufacturing in the production of aldehydes, alcohols, acetate esters and acids. Major contributor in catalyst recovery project resulting in 14 MM USD yearly savings . Supported t...
May 1999 — Dec 2002

Laboratory Environmental Chemist

Bay City, Texas
Supervised four laboratory technicians in wastewater and solid waste analyses. Increased lab savings through cross-training, new lab equipment, and reduction of headcount by 50%. Trained and...
May 1997 — Mar 1999

Quality Control Chemist

Corpus Christi, Texas Area
Authored methods calibration procedures and validated/qualified methods (IQ, OQ & PQ) per USP, FDA and cGMP guidelines. Ensured QC Laboratory compliance with USP, FDA and cGMP guidelines...
Jun 1996 — May 1997

Research Chemist

Corpus Christi, Texas Area
Researched and developed bulk pharmaceuticals and intermediates and various phosphine ligands. Co-authored Patent 5977369 (Issued 11/02/99): Process to prepare dihydropyridine and derivative...
Aug 1994 — Jun 1996

Production Coordinator

Corpus Christi, Texas Area
Oversaw production schedule and determined storage & process (blending/charging) location of inorganic metal-bearing shipment materials based on hazardous/non-hazardous listing, physical...
Jan 1994 — Aug 1994

R&D / Process Chemist

Corpus Christi, Texas Area
Determined optimum hydrometallurgical parameters, reagents and costs required for metal and anion extraction, separation and recovery from solid & liquid wastes, and wastewaters. Analyze...
Sep 1990 — Jan 1994

Research Student

San Antonio, Texas Area
Studied nucleophilic additions to 2-butyne and 2,4-hexadiyne compounds and developed methodology for 2-butene and 2,4-hexadiene compounds. Publication acknowledgment: B.S. Thyagarajan and B...
Jun 1985 — Jun 1989


Director of Operations
Customer Service
Sales Specialist
Client Service Officer
HR Specialist
Human Resources Specialist
Quality Manager
Plant Manager
Operations Manager
Production Manager
Services Professional
Sales Representative


ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems
Lean Six Sigma Sponsor Leader
Quality Assurance
Quality Management
Quality Systems
Quality Auditing
Organic Synthesis
Commercial Management
Laboratory Management
Root Cause Analysis
Implementation of Effective Corrective Actions
Continuous Improvement Through Implementation of Preventive Actions
Preventive Actions
Six Sigma
Quality System

FAQs about Nick Gallegos

What is the main profession of Nick Gallegos?

Nick is a Senior Director of Operations, Inc..

What are the profession of This professional?

These person's professions are Executive and Director of Operations

Where is Nick Gallegos currently located?

Nick Gallegos is currently located in Dallas, Texas.

Where did Nick Gallegos work?

The expert worked at Analytical Food Laboratories, Valspar.

Does Nick Gallegos have personal webpage or blog?

Nick Gallegos`s website is and

What education does Nick Gallegos have?

Nick studied at the University of Texas at San Antonio from 1983 to 1988.

What is the industry that Nick Gallegos is connected to?

This professional works in Food & Beverages industry.

What are the skills of Nick Gallegos?

This professional has skills in the following areas: ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, Lean Six Sigma Sponsor Leader, Quality Assurance, Quality Management, Quality Systems, and Quality Auditing.