Neal Roth

General Manager

Neal Roth is a skilled professional, who works in Hilton Garden Inn as a General Manager from 2000. Neal Roth went to the University of Nevada - Las Vegas and received education there from 1994 to 1995. Neal has such qualifications as Ihg Certified Gm and Hilton Certified Gm. Iowa City, Iowa is the city, where the professional was lastly known to be settled. The professional's phone and email can be accessed through Connexy on demand.
Name variants:
Neil Roth

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
Iowa City, IA


General Manager

Redondo Beach, CA


Hotel/Motel Operation

Work History

General Manager

Began work with Kinseth Hospitality Companies in June 2000. Hilton Garden Inn & Vue Rooftop Restaurant & Bar opening September 2017.
from Jun 2000


Chief Executive Officer
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive

FAQs about Neal Roth

What's the main profession of Neal Roth?

The expert is a General Manager.

What jobs is Neal Roth a professional at?

Neal is proficient at Executive and Chief Executive Officer jobs.

Where does Neal Roth currently live?

Iowa City, Iowa is the place where Neal Roth lives

Where did Neal Roth work?

The professional worked at Hilton Garden Inn.

What education does Neal Roth have?

Neal studied at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas from 1994 to 1995.

What are the certifications of Neal Roth?

The professional received the following certifications: Ihg Certified Gm and Hilton Certified Gm.

What is professional industry that Neal Roth is connected to?

This professional works in Hospitality industry.