Neal McNulty

Neal McNulty

General Manager

We found the following information about Neal McNulty at Compass Self Storage, where Neal McNulty has worked as a General Manager since 2013. Neal's total work experience is over 12 years, during which time the professional had at least four jobs at different companies to develop skills. Neal attended school at the Fashion Institute of Technology to 2001. Neal McNulty can be found in New York, New York – where this professional currently lives. You can find this expert's actual phone number and email through Connexy search.
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Neil Mcnulty

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Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
New York, NY


Compass Self Storage
General Manager


Real Estate

Work History

General Manager

Boomfield NJ
Compass Self Storage Bloomfield NJ 07003 July 29, 2013- present General Manager 1300 unit self storage facility U-Haul rental fleet Retail sales Property management Collections Marketing K...
from Aug 2013 Moving coordinator, owner Moving Coordinator, re location services The Good is a company that provides all encompassing services for families that require relocation assistance. Repres...
from Mar 2005

Production manager, installation manager

Trim Corp. of America – display 882 3RD Ave Brooklyn NY 11232 September 07, 2004 - Freelance installation manager February 05’ – November 2009 • Production manager • Design assistant • ...
Sep 2004 — Nov 2009

New Store Administrator / Sample Room Manager

Linens N Things Clifton NJ June 1997-August, 2004 97’-2001 Position: District Visual Merchandise Manager / Sample Room Manager • District visual merchandise manager northern NJ • Impleme...
Jun 1997 — Aug 2004


Chief Executive Officer
Independent Contractor
Sales Specialist
Retail Professional
Area Manager
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive
Independent Business Owners
Retail Salesperson

FAQs about Neal McNulty

What's the main profession of Neal McNulty?

This professional's job is General Manager

What are the main profession of The professional?

These person's professions are Executive and Chief Executive Officer

Where does Neal McNulty live?

Neal McNulty lives in New York, New York.

How many companies did Neal McNulty work at?

Neal McNulty worked at four jobs.

Does Neal McNulty have personal webpage or blog?

This expert`s website is

What education does Neal McNulty have?

Neal studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology to 2001.

What are the awards Neal McNulty ever received?

This professional received awards and these awards are: Honorary Patron awarded from Eva's Village shelter.

Are there any industries, that Neal McNulty is connected to?

Neal works in Architecture & Planning industry.