Najmi Jarwala

Advisor, Director

We found the following information about Najmi Jarwala at Lilliputian Systems, where the professional has worked as a Industry Advisory Board Member since 2010. Najmi's total work experience is over 24 years, during which time Najmi Jarwala had at least nine jobs at different places to develop professional skills. Najmi studied at the University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School from 2000 to 2000. Najmi Jarwala currently lives in San Diego, California. You can contact with Najmi by searching for phone number or email address or get full info by requesting access to Najmi's further details from us.
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Najmi Jarwala

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 6, 2022
San Diego, CA


Lilliputian Systems Inc.
Industry Advisory Board Member



Work History

Industry Advisory Board Member

Providing mobility industry expertise and network to the CEO and the senior leadership team, developing a highly innovative fuel-cell power technology for the mobility market.
from Sep 2010


Investor/Advisor to a technology start-up incubator in the Research Triangle Park, NC.
from Jul 2010

Corporate Vice President

Leading planning and execution management for Mobile Devices programs, including Silicon (LTE modems), SW Core (Android OS and Platform), SW Applications and Services and all Smartphone and ...
Oct 2010 — Jul 2012


Led the technical specification and development/product planning for an early phase start-up, developing a highly secure repository and controlled distribution of last wishes and other criti...
2010 — 2011


● As President of Sony Ericsson US, Inc., led the legal entity, was a member of the board, and had oversight responsibility for all of the Sony Ericsson’s operations in the US. ● As Head ...
2005 — 2009

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain

● Defined and executed an end-to-end transformation of a $2.4B handset and accessories supply chain. The transformation program targeted organizational design, operational model, ERP system...
2003 — 2005

Senior Vice President/Vice President/Director (Engineering, Network Ops, Supply Chain)

● The Fixed Wireless Division was a start-up, within AT&T Wireless, that developed a proprietary, OFDM based, Fixed Wireless product (base station, terminals, and network management), a...
1997 — 2003

Chief Technologist

Defined the strategy, technology roadmap, product portfolio, and supported market development of board/system-level BIST/Embedded Test technology, for a Silicon Valley start-up.
1996 — 1997

Technical Manager/Distinguished Member of Technical Staff/MTS

Developed design/test technology (8 patents, 35 publications), led international standards (Chair IEEE Std. 1149.1), and deployed these technologies/standards in numerous AT&T/Lucent swi...
1988 — 1996


Board Member
Chief Executive Officer
Operations Manager
Management Team Executive
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive


Fixed Wireless

FAQs about Najmi Jarwala

What is the main profession of Najmi Jarwala?

This professional's job is Advisor, Director

What are the main profession of This professional?

These person's professions are Advisor

Where does Najmi Jarwala live?

The expert currently lives in San Diego, California.

Where did Najmi Jarwala work?

The professional worked at Lilliputian Systems, LaunchBox Digital.

What education does Najmi Jarwala have?

Najmi studied at the University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School from 2000 to 2000.

Are there any industries, that Najmi Jarwala works in?

Najmi works in Wireless industry.

What are the skills of Najmi Jarwala?

Najmi Jarwala has such skills as Wireless, Fixed Wireless, and Operations.