Mike Payne

VP of Operations at Payne & Payne Builders

Since 2010, Mike Payne has been working in Home Builders Association of Greater Cleveland. Mike Payne is a competent Executive Committee with over two years of work experience. According to Mike's resume and work profile, this professional has worked at more than three places with diverse backgrounds and gained various skills. Mike can be found in Cleveland, Ohio – where the professional is currently located. You can search for Mike's phone and email. We can also provide you additional contact information upon request.
Name variants:
Michael Payne

Contact Information

Last Update
Jan 29, 2016
Cleveland, OH


Work History

Executive Committee

from Jan 2010

Vice President of Operations

We design, tailor, and build custom homes, semi-custom homes as well as renovations and additions for clients whose current home or homes they are looking for do not fully support their life...
from Aug 1996

FAQs about Mike Payne

What's the main profession of Mike Payne?

Mike Payne is a VP of Operations at Payne & Payne Builders.

What jobs is Mike Payne proficient at at?

The expert is proficient at Executive and Vice President jobs.

Where does Mike Payne currently live?

Mike Payne lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Where did Mike Payne work?

This person worked at Home Builders Association of Greater Cleveland, Payne & Payne Builders.

Does Mike Payne have personal webpage or blog?

The professional`s website is http://www.payne-payne.com.

What are the awards Mike Payne received?

This person received awards and these awards are: 2009 National Custom Homebuilder of the Year 2011 HBA of Greater Cleveland Chairperson of the Year.

What is the industry that Mike Payne worked in?

Mike works in Construction industry.


Vice President
Vice President of Operations
Sales Specialist
Chief Executive
Operations Manager
Services Professional
Sales Representative