Mike Gutshall

President and Chief Executive Officer

We found the following information about Mike Gutshall at Heritage Valley Fcu, where this person has worked as a President and Chief Executive Officer since 2019. Mike's total work experience is over 11 years, during which time this expert had at least three jobs at different places to develop professional skills. Mike studied at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania from 1995. Mike currently is located in York, Pennsylvania. You can contact with Mike by searching for phone or email address or find full info by requesting access to Mike's further details from us.
Name variants:
Michael Gutshall

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
York, PA


Heritage Valley FCU
President and Chief Executive Officer



Work History

President and Chief Executive Officer

2400 Pleasant Valley Rd, York, PA 17402
from Feb 2019

Regional Sales Manager and Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

2002 — 2007

Regional Branch Manager

Formerly Beneficial Finance Company prior to merger with Household Finance Corp in 1998 HFC then merged with HSBC in 2004 making Beneficial a Member of the HSBC Group
1996 — 2002


Chief Executive Officer
Sales Specialist
Area Sales Manager
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive
Regional Sales Consultant
Sales Representative


Risk Management
Financial Analysis
Strategic Planning
Customer Service
Portfolio Management
Loan Origination
Personnel Management
Project Management
Business Process Improvement
Incentive Programs
Collections Management
Credit Card Analytics
Growth Strategies
Business Development
Mortgage Lending
Credit Risk
Credit Analysis
Credit Unions
Collaborative Problem Solving
Consumer Lending
Marketing Strategy
Employee Training

FAQs about Mike Gutshall

What is the main profession of Mike Gutshall?

This professional's job is President and Chief Executive Officer

What jobs is Mike proficient at at?

Mike Gutshall is a professional Executive and Chief Executive Officer jobs.

Where does Mike Gutshall live?

York, Pennsylvania is the place where Mike Gutshall currently lives

How many companies did Mike Gutshall work at?

Mike Gutshall worked at three jobs.

What education does Mike Gutshall have?

Mike studied at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania from 1995.

Are there any special industries, that Mike Gutshall works in?

Mike Gutshall works in Banking industry.

What are special skills of Mike Gutshall?

This person has the following skills: Credit, Loans, Banking, Management, Risk Management, Financial Analysis, Strategic Planning, Customer Service, Portfolio Management, and Loan Origination.