Michael Militzer

Certification Director

We found the following information about Michael Militzer at Sri Quality System Registrar, where this professional has worked as a Certification Director since 2017. Michael's total work experience is over 27 years, during which time this expert had at least six jobs at different places to develop professional skills. Michael studied at the University of Pittsburgh. Michael Militzer received the following certifications: Exemplar Global Certified Qms Lead Auditor and Asq Certified Quality Auditor. Michael Militzer is experienced in two languages: English and Spanish. Michael Militzer currently is located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. You can contact with Michael by searching for phone number or email address or find additional info by requesting access to this person's additional details from us.
Name variants:
Mikael Militzer, Mychael Militzer, Mike Militzer, Mikey Militzer, Mick Militzer, Mickey Militzer, Micky Militzer, Michl Militzer, Mischa Militzer

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 23, 2022
Monroeville, PA


SRI Quality System Registrar
Certification Director


Management Consulting

Work History

Certification Director

300 Northpointe Cir SUITE 304, Seven Fields, PA 16046
from Jul 2017

Enterprise Knowledge Transfer Coordinator and Manager of Global Quality and Compliance Team

600 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Led global quality and compliance team for U. S. Steel Business Service Center (BSC). Ensured BSC complied with all internal and external requirements by: ­ Maintaining ISO 9001 certifica...
Aug 2007 — Jun 2016

Quality Management Specialist

2790 Mosside Blvd #305, Monroeville, PA 15146
Performed internal audits. Developed Quality Management System tiered documentation. Set up scorecards to monitor process performance. Administered corrective/preventive action program.
Sep 2006 — Jul 2007

Quality Manager

May 2006 — Aug 2006

Quality Manager and Consultant

Led quality control efforts of key automotive industry supplier. Maintained TS16949 registration. Developed quality management systems. Performed audits and conducted training sessions on...
Mar 2003 — Aug 2006

Manager of Quality, Sales, and Customer Service

Achieved ISO 9001 and 17025 certifications for various laboratories. Developed and led quality management systems. Performed statistical studies of test data to develop control charts and ...
Nov 1988 — Nov 2002


Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering


IT Professional
Information Technology Specialist
Operations Manager
IT Specialist


Quality Assurance
Quality Management
Quality Auditing
Process Improvement
Microsoft Office
Iso 9001
Continual Improvement
Customer Service
Requirements Analysis
Microsoft Excel
Continuous Improvement
Project Management
Project Planning
Business Analysis
Process Engineering
Iso Standards
Business Process Improvement
Risk Management

FAQs about Michael Militzer

What's the main profession of Michael Militzer?

Michael is a Certification Director.

What jobs is Michael Militzer a professional at?

Michael is a professional such jobs as Executive and Director.

Where is Michael Militzer located?

Michael Militzer is currently located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

Where did Michael Militzer work?

The expert worked at Sri Quality System Registrar, United States Steel Corporation.

Where has Michael Militzer studied?

Michael studied at the University of Pittsburgh.

What are the certifications of Michael Militzer?

Michael received the following certifications: Exemplar Global Certified Qms Lead Auditor and Asq Certified Quality Auditor.

What languages does Michael Militzer speak?

Michael Militzer speaks English and Spanish.

What are special skills of Michael Militzer?

Michael Militzer has such skills as Quality Assurance, Quality Management, Quality Auditing, Process Improvement, Microsoft Office, Iso 9001, Leadership, Training, and Continual Improvement.