Matt Sodnicar

Account Executive

We found the following information about Matt Sodnicar at Employee Development Systems, Inc., where this professional has worked as a Vice President - Corporate Training Solutions since 2012. Matt's total work experience is over 22 years, during which time the professional had at least 14 jobs at different companies to develop skills. Matt studied at the University of Southern Colorado to 1991. Currently, Matt Sodnicar is located in Englewood, Colorado. You can contact with Matt by looking for phone number or email address or get additional info by requesting access to this expert's additional details.
Name variants:
Matthew Sodnicar, Matthias Sodnicar

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 9, 2022
ma**, ms**
Englewood, CO


Employee Development Systems, Inc.
Vice President - Corporate Training Solutions

Englewood, CO


Professional Training & Coaching, Management Consulting Services, Management Training

Work History

Vice President - Corporate Training Solutions

Centennial, Colorado
Consulting with HR and T+D professionals to provide soft-skills employee training to improve workforce communication, leadership and effectiveness. Providing powerful, interactive, non-Power...
from 2012

National Sales Manager

Promoted to NSM of the company from outside sales rep. Responsible for sales training, goal setting and goal achievement for Mercury reps, hiring and firing of reps, writing policies and pro...
from Jan 2011

Outside Sales Representative

Transitioned to outside sales representative to leverage and capitalize on four years of bicycle, ski and outdoor industry relationships. Outside sales is my strength, my passion and I excel...
from Jun 2010

Owner, CEO

I am the owner of a Colorado-based cycling clothing company, manufacturing and selling The Warmfront. It is a Polartec Windpro chest warmer for cycling, skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling.....
from Sep 2005

Sales Representative

Forged strong relationships with 12 bike and ski shops in the Colorado and Ohio area to stock, display and sell The Warmfront. Built a solid reputation for on-time delivery of product and ra...
from Jan 2005

Product Developer, Product Manager

Determined a need in the cycling and skiing market for a lightweight packable garment - The Warmfront - to offer wind and thermal protection. Created prototypes in partnership with Malden Mi...
from Jan 2003

Product Developer, Product Manager, Sales Representative

Determined a need in the cycling and skiing market for a lightweight packable garment - The Warmfront - to offer wind and thermal protection. Created prototypes in partnership with Polartec ...
from Jan 2003

Outside Sales Representative

August 2009 Responsible for Colorado sales in excess of $320,000 in FY 2008. Created Excel research / lead tool of every club, team, event, bike shop and associated contact information in Co...
2006 — Oct 2011

Operations Coordinator

Promoted to Operations Coordinator. Responsible for sales projections, inventory management and forecasting. Handled complaint resolutions with Pactimo account managers and external custom...
Jun 2009 — Jun 2010

Account Manager

August 2009 Handled order creation, art design, revisions, delivery deadlines, payment processing, and complaint resolution for over 180 customers. Implemented Change Order process to accura...
2006 — 2010

Retail Sales Associate

Specialized and Cannondale dealer with product knowledge of bike product lines, equipment, apparel, and accessories. Served as customer-mechanic liaison, tasked with repair duties on demand....
2005 — 2006

Senior Firmware Engineer

Member of remote design team responsible for design and code of Atrial/Ventricular Capture Management, Sensing Amplitude, Lead Monitoring, and Battery Trend data collection and storage. Succ...
Jan 1999 — Jan 2003

Senior Software Engineer

Responsible for converting and modifying experimental prototype autotransfusion device (autoLog) embedded software to FDA standards for release as Medtronic branded product. Created and exec...
Jan 1996 — Jan 1999

Associate Engineer

Member of research team investigating DSP for improved electrosurgical performance. Work was eventually developed into 3 new devices for Valleylab. Wrote control, display, error handling and...
Jan 1992 — Jan 1996


Sales Specialist
Account Service Manager
Vice President
HR Specialist
Human Resources Specialist
IT Professional
Computer Software Professional
Sales Manager
Sales Director
Outside Sales Representative
Client Service Officer
Customer Service
Chief Executive
Software Developers
Sales Representative


Product Design
Market Research
Web Development
Fashion Design
Software Engineering
Microsoft Excel
Product Development
Communication Training
Leadership Development
Sales Management
New Business Development
Marketing Strategy
Business Development
Team Building
Strategic Planning
Account Management
Product Marketing
Customer Service
Social Media Marketing
Social Media
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