Matt Makowicz

Matt Makowicz

VP Sales & Marketing at Nomad Technology Group

We found the following information about Matt Makowicz at The York Group, where Matt Makowicz has worked as a MSP Lead since 2012. Matt's total work experience is over 18 years, during which time the professional had at least 13 jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Matt studied at the New Jersey Institute of Technology from 1993 to 1994. Matt Makowicz currently lives in Seattle, Washington. You can contact with Matt by looking for phone number or email or get full information by requesting access to Matt's further details from Connexy.
Name variants:
Matthew Makowicz, Matthias Makowicz

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 8, 2016
Seattle, WA


The York Group
MSP Lead

Bellevue, WA


Information Technology and Services

Work History

MSP Lead

Bellevue, WA
Specializing in Partner Enablement and Channel Development since 1993.
from Mar 2012

VP Sales & Marketing

Nomad Technology Group, with its 20 employees, and two locations specializes in helping small and medium businesses and organizations with their technology needs. Our motto is "Let us manag...
from Oct 2011

Freelance Channel Marketing Consultant

With over 20 years combined Channel experience, team VAR TREK assists Channel organizations in the primary areas of Partner Recruitment and Enablement. Call today for assistance in gaining P...
from Jul 2011


Author of • Wrote/published 3 books published by Lincoln Press under “Matt Makowicz” • “A Guide to SELLING Managed Services” ISBN – 978-0-0798839-0-0 • “A Guide to MARKETING Managed Service...
from Sep 2007


from Sep 2007

Sales Trainer & Coach

Engaged with over 1,500 clients, mostly principals in IT consulting firms, selling products and services designed to improve client’s business operations. As a consultant to the IT industry...
from Jan 2007

Sales Manager

Bainbridge Island, WA
Was responsible for all sales and marketing efforts as well as the acquisition of a competitive company all resulting in triple digit annual growth.
Aug 2011 — Dec 2012

Channel Marketing & Sales Executive

Helping companies who service the IT industry as well as SMB IT and telecom providers by providing various marketing, advertising, and event exposure opportunities.
Oct 2010 — Jul 2011

VP of Sales Sales Training A Guide to SELLING Managed Services - faster, easier, & for greater profit
Jan 2007 — 2010


Grew this IT consulting company by over 80% each year for five consecutive years before executing my exit strategy. Performed all sales and marketing efforts - selling more than $2 million ...
Aug 1998 — Sep 2007

Project Manager

As part of a high powered project team responsible for deployment of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to over 5000 worldwide distributed sales force for a major pharmaceutical company. PROJEC...
2003 — 2003

End User Training program coordinator

Piscataway, NJ
Help Desk manager Classroom technician End User Training program coordinator System Engineer II
Feb 1997 — Aug 1998

Sales Manager

In an exciting, results oriented consumer products company, I advanced from a sales representative to Branch Office Manager, and ultimately District Sales Manager. Interviewing, recruiting,...
Dec 1993 — Sep 1996



Vice President of Sales
Marketing Consultant
Sport Trainer
Sports Trainer
IT Professional
Computer Network Consultant
Health Specialist
Certified Nurse Aide
Sales Manager
Sales Director
Vice President
Chief Executive
Market Analyst
Market Research Analyst
Sports Trainers
Computer Consultant
IT Consultant
Nurse Practitioner


Sales Management
Strategic Thinking
Selling Skills
Public Speaking
Business Coaching
Cloud Computing
New Business Development
Solution Selling
Business Development
Managed Services
Sales Process
Channel Partners
Multi-channel Marketing
Sales Operations
Demand Generation
Business Alliances
Product Management
Sales Presentations
Cold Calling
Partner Management
Executive Management
Competitive Analysis
Account Management
Strategic Partnerships
Small Business
Lead Generation
Mobile Devices
Data Center
Professional Services
Go-to-market Strategy
Product Marketing
Enterprise Software
Direct Sales
International Sales

FAQs about Matt Makowicz

What's the main profession of Matt Makowicz?

Matt Makowicz is a VP Sales & Marketing at Nomad Technology Group.

What are the main profession of This professional?

These person's professions are Executive and Vice President of Sales

Where is Matt Makowicz currently located?

The professional is currently located in Seattle, Washington.

Where did Matt Makowicz work?

Matt worked at The York Group, Nomad Technology Group.

Does Matt Makowicz have personal webpage or blog?

The professional`s website is and

What education does Matt Makowicz have?

Matt studied at the New Jersey Institute of Technology from 1993 to 1994.

Are there any special awards Matt Makowicz received?

This person received awards and these awards are: Author - A Guide to MARKETING Managed Services, Author - A Guide to BUILDING a SALES TEAM, and SMB 150 Top Influencer 2012.

Are there any special industries, that Matt Makowicz is connected to?

Matt works in Computer Networking industry.