Mark Stull

Sales Director

We found the following information about Mark Stull at Midway Chevrolet, where this expert has worked as a Sales Director since 2012. Mark's total work experience is over 17 years, during which time this person had at least seven jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Mark studied at the Vt/Aig Finance School from 1999 to 1999. Mark currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. You can contact with Mark by searching for phone number or email or find exhaustive information by requesting access to the person's further details from us.
Name variants:
Marc Stull, Marcus Stull, Markus Stull, Marquis Stull, Mark Stull

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 9, 2022
Phoenix, AZ


Midway Chevrolet
Sales Director



Work History

Sales Director

Sale of New & Pre-owned vehicles, hiring of staff, training of staff, tracking of inbound sales leads, training staff on proper phone solicitation, inventory control, report generation, comp...
from Mar 2012

Sales Manager

My responsibilities included, sales of new and used Volkswagen's, hiring of sales staff, training of sales staff, tracking of inbound sales leads, training staff on proper phone solicitatio...
Jan 2011 — Jan 2012

Sales Director

My duties included, hiring, training, CRM implementation and training, scheduling, advertising, marketing, inventory control, appraising used vehicles for purchase, report generation, and al...
Aug 2010 — Dec 2011

General Manager

Jan 2010 — Jan 2011

Finance Director

My primary duties were to negotiate contract terms with financial lenders, hiring of finance staff, training of finance staff, selling service contracts, selling gap insurance, selling after...
Aug 2009 — Aug 2010

General Sales Manager

Responsible for the entire sales operations of the dealership. Managed over 80 employees.
Jun 2008 — Aug 2009

Finance Director and Subprime Director

Jan 1996 — Jan 2008


Sales Director
IT Professional
Information Technology Specialist
Sales Manager
IT Specialist


Customer Satisfaction
Sales Operations
Automotive Aftermarket
Salesforce Training
Sales Management
Dealer Management
New Business Development
Inventory Management
Gross Profit
Profitable Growth
Profit Maximization
Sales Process
Closing Deals
Pricing Strategy
Sales Presentations
Automotive Sales Training
Sales Rep Training
Contract Negotiation
Inventory Control

FAQs about Mark Stull

What's the main profession of Mark Stull?

Mark Stull is a Sales Director.

What are the main profession of The professional?

These person's professions are Executive and Sales Director

Where is Mark Stull currently located?

The professional is currently located in Phoenix, Arizona.

What is the expert's email?

The professional's email is ma**

Where did Mark Stull work?

Mark Stull worked at Midway Chevrolet, Chapman Volkswagen.

What education does Mark Stull have?

Mark studied at the Vt/Aig Finance School from 1999 to 1999.

Are there any professional industries Mark Stull works in?

Mark Stull works in Information Technology And Services industry.

Are there any skills Mark Stull has?

This person has skills in the following areas: Customer Satisfaction, Sales Operations, Automotive, Negotiation, Dealers, Automotive Aftermarket, Profit, Salesforce Training, Automobile, and Vehicles.