Mark Pendleton

Project Manager

We found the following information about Mark Pendleton at Quantum General Contractors, Inc., where this expert has worked as a Project Manager since 2007. Mark's total work experience is over seven years, during which time Mark had at least two jobs at different companies to develop skills. Currently, Mark is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can contact with Mark by looking for phone number or email address or find full information by requesting access to this professional's further details from us.
Name variants:
Marc Pendleton, Marcus Pendleton, Markus Pendleton, Marquis Pendleton, Mark Pendleton

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 23, 2022
Indianapolis, IN


Project Manager

Indianapolis, IN


Construction, Single-Family House Construction

Work History

Project Manager

2629 East Dr SUITE 350, Indianapolis, IN 46201
2007 — 2014

Project Manager

2629 East Dr SUITE 350, Indianapolis, IN 46201


Project Manager
Project Managers

FAQs about Mark Pendleton

What's the main profession of Mark Pendleton?

This professional's job is Project Manager

What are the profession of The expert?

These person's professions are Project Manager

Where does Mark Pendleton live?

Mark Pendleton currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How many companies did Mark Pendleton work at?

Mark Pendleton worked at two jobs.

What is the industry that Mark Pendleton worked in?

Mark Pendleton works in Construction industry.