Marisa Manasse

Owner and Designer

Marisa Manasse has been a Regional Director at Intellipayment since 2014. Additionally, this expert has on-the-job experience at more than four companies using similar skills. Marisa has a total work experience of four+ years. Today the professional lives in Dallas, Texas region. Find Marisa Manasse's actual email address and phone through our search.
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Marisa Manasse

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Jun 23, 2022
Dallas, TX


Regional Director


Financial Services

Work History

Regional Director

from May 1, 2014

Sales Manager, Managed Chat

I work at DealerTrack/eCarList in Dallas Texas as the sales manager for one of MANY great dealer solutions we offer "Managed Smart Chat". It is a chat program for car dealerships web sites. ...
Jan 2012 — 2014

Regional Manager

Two-way text messaging platform. We are focusing on Real Estate Professionals, but our product is perfect for anyone that has a need to capture a customers contact info for future follow up....
Feb 2010 — Jan 2012

Owner and Designer

Texas Biker Bling is what I call my Fun Job! It is all about the Bling it started with my custom made bandannas. They Velcro rather than tie and are decorated with 100% real swarovski crysta...
from Oct 2008

FAQs about Marisa Manasse

What's the main profession of Marisa Manasse?

This professional's job is Owner and Designer

What jobs is Marisa proficient at at?

Marisa is a professional Executive and Owner jobs.

Where does Marisa Manasse live?

Dallas, Texas is the place where Marisa Manasse currently lives

Where did Marisa Manasse work?

The expert worked at Intellipayment, Dealertrack.

What is professional industry that Marisa Manasse is connected to?

Marisa Manasse works in Automotive industry.

Are there any skills, that Marisa Manasse has?

This person has such skills as Customer Retention, Sales Process, Real Estate,, Time Management, Pricing, Sales, Trade Shows, and Selling.


Region Manager
Sales Manager
Sales Director
Sales Specialist
Sales Agent
Chief Executive
Area Manager
Sales Representative


Customer Retention
Sales Process
Real Estate
Time Management
Trade Shows