Linda Demro

Senior District Sales Manager

We found the following information about Linda Demro at Cbc Steel Buildings, where this expert has worked as a Senior District Sales Manager since 2001. Linda's total work experience is over four years, during which time this person had at least three jobs at different companies to develop skills. Linda studied at the Merced High School. Linda Demro currently lives in Valley Home, California. You can contact with Linda by looking for phone or email address or get exhaustive information by requesting access to Linda Demro's additional details from us.
Name variants:
Lynda Demro, Lindy Demro, Lin Demro, Lynn Demro, Lynne Demro

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 30, 2022
Valley Home, CA


Senior District Sales Manager


Building Materials

Work History

Senior District Sales Manager

I have the pleasure and opportunity to travel throughout the Central Valley in California working with Builders along with recruiting new Builders. Providing and working to provide Builders ...
from Aug 1, 2001

District Manager

Aug 2000 — Aug 2001

Executive Assistant

Aug 1997 — Aug 2000

FAQs about Linda Demro

What is the main profession of Linda Demro?

Linda Demro is a Senior District Sales Manager.

What are the profession of The professional?

These person's professions are Executive and Territory Sales Manager

Where is Linda Demro currently located?

Linda Demro is currently located in Valley Home, California.

Where did Linda Demro work?

Linda Demro worked at Cbc Steel Buildings, Supreme Insulation.

What education does Linda Demro have?

Linda studied at the Merced High School.

What is professional industry that Linda Demro worked in?

Linda Demro works in Construction industry.

Are there any special skills Linda Demro has?

Linda has such skills as Construction Management, Marketing Management, Construction, Contract Negotiation, Sales Management, Building Materials, Negotiation, Sales, and Team Building.


Territory Sales Manager
District Manager
Region Manager
Sales Manager
Marketing Manager


Construction Management
Marketing Management
Contract Negotiation
Sales Management
Building Materials
Team Building
New Business Development
Value Engineering