Lewis Dubrofsky

Chief Operating Officer

Lewis Dubrofsky is a highly qualified expert, that works in SmartPool LLC (formerly, SmartPool, Inc.) as a Chief Operating Officer since 2010. New York, New York is the area, where this professional was known to be located. Their phone and email are accessed through this website on demand.
Name variants:
Lewis Dubrofsky, Lew Dubrofsky, Lewie Dubrofsky

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
New York, NY
SmartPool LLC (formerly, SmartPool, Inc.)


Work History

Chief Operating Officer

from Oct 2010

FAQs about Lewis Dubrofsky

What is the profession of Lewis Dubrofsky?

This professional's job is Chief Operating Officer

What jobs is Lewis proficient at at?

The expert is a professional such jobs as Executive and Chief Operating Officer.

Where does Lewis Dubrofsky live?

Lewis currently lives in New York, New York.

What is Lewis's email?

The expert's email is ld**@smartpool.com.

Where did Lewis Dubrofsky work?

The expert worked at SmartPool LLC (formerly, SmartPool, Inc.).

Are there any professional industries, that Lewis Dubrofsky works in?

Lewis Dubrofsky works in Consumer Goods industry.


Chief Operating Officer
Sales Specialist
Consumer Goods Professional
General and Operations Manager
Chief Executive
Commodities Clerk
Brokerage Clerk