Leonard Speiser

Leonard Speiser

Co-Founder, Clover

Leonard Speiser has been a Co-Founder in Clover since 2010. Moreover, the person has an employment history at more than ten companies using similar skills. Leonard has a total work experience of 17+ years. Leonard Speiser studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1992 to 1996. Nowadays they live in San Francisco, California region. You can find this person's actual email address and phone through our search.
Name variants:
Leo Speiser, Leon Speiser, Len Speiser, Lenny Speiser, Lennie Speiser

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
San Francisco, CA


Clover Network Inc.



Work History


Mountain View, CA
The biggest revolution to the checkout process since the mag stripe.
from Nov 2010


Ran an incubator of about 20 products. The largest was Society.me, a Dear Abby meets Twitter streaming advice site.
May 2009 — Oct 2010


Feb 2009 — May 2009

Senior Director, Product

General manager of Yahoo Groups
Feb 2007 — Feb 2009

Co-Founder & Director, Product

Responsible for Product Management, UED and Business Management of online contest website. Acquired by Yahoo in February 2007.
Feb 2006 — Feb 2009

Group Product Manager

Managed team of seven product managers responsible for My eBay, View Item, Want-it-Now, Toolbar, Registration, Home Page, and Favorites.
Dec 2000 — Apr 2005

Founder, CEO

Founded company to assist small/medium size businesses in the acquisition of content from their communities (similar to a wiki, but with editorial control given to the company).
Dec 1999 — Dec 2000

Manager, Business Development

Responsible for entry into new products/markets via a combination of partnerships and internal product development.
Aug 1998 — Nov 1999


Responsible for Corporate Finance and M&A for a variety of technology companies.
Jul 1996 — Aug 1998


Founded first internet-based client/server instant messaging system.
Apr 1996 — Jul 1998


Chief Executive


Product Management

FAQs about Leonard Speiser

What is the profession of Leonard Speiser?

This professional's job is Co-Founder, Clover

What are the main profession of The professional?

These person's professions are Executive and Co-Founder

Where does Leonard Speiser currently live?

San Francisco, California is the place where Leonard Speiser currently lives

How many companies did Leonard Speiser work at?

Leonard Speiser worked at ten jobs.

Where has Leonard Speiser studied?

Leonard studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1992 to 1996.

Are there any professional industries Leonard Speiser works in?

Leonard works in Internet industry.

Are there any skills, that Leonard Speiser has?

Leonard Speiser has the following skills: Product Management and Payments.