Leon Haynes


Leon Haynes has been working as a Ceo at Hosanna House Inc. Furthermore, this person has professional experience at more than two companies in the relevant field. Leon has a total work experience of 33+ years. Currently the person lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region. You can find this expert's actual phone and email with our search.
Name variants:
Leon Haynes, Leo Haynes, Leonard Haynes, Lionel Haynes

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Feb 1, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA




Nonprofit Organization Management

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FAQs about Leon Haynes

What is the main profession of Leon Haynes?

Leon Haynes is a Ceo.

What are the main profession of Leon Haynes?

These person's professions are Executive and Chief Executive Officer

Where is Leon Haynes located?

Leon Haynes is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Where did Leon Haynes work?

The professional worked at Hosanna House Inc,, Hosanna House, Inc..

What is professional industry that Leon Haynes is connected to?

This person works in Civic & Social Organization industry.