Lena Di Lacio Bondeson


We found the following information about Lena Di Lacio Bondeson at Harlan Laboratories, Inc., where this expert has worked as a Production Supervisor since 2006. Lena's total work experience is over 29 years, during which time this professional had at least eight jobs at different companies to develop skills. Lena Di Lacio Bondeson currently is located in Applegate, Oregon. You can contact with Lena by searching for phone number or email address or find further information by requesting access to their further details.
Name variants:
Aileen Bondeson, Arlene Bondeson, Colleen Bondeson, Darlene Bondeson, Florina Bondeson, Helen Bondeson, Magdalene Bondeson, Paula Bondeson, Selina Bondeson

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 23, 2022
Applegate, OR


Production Supervisor

Indianapolis, IN


Animal Specialties Farm

Work History

Production Supervisor

cannulation and small tissue removal on rodents/supervise and train/oversee surgery production and shipping/ordering supplies/weekly and monthly scheduling
Dec 2006 — May 2014

Ra Iii Animal Biology Department

donor embryo production/estrus selection/plug checking/surgery for rederivation/molecular analysis/dissection of tissue-learning cryopresvation/ attendee at the monthly IACUC meeting
Sep 2001 — Dec 2006

Ra Iii Neurobiology Unit

maintenance of knockout and transgenic colonies/tail biopsy/ record keeping/animal shipments for domestic and international/on bio-security team
2000 — 2001

Research Specialist

1997 — 2000

Biomedical Technologist

1993 — 1995

Sra at Hormone Research Institute

1988 — 1993

Laboratory Technician

1985 — 1988


1980 — 1982

FAQs about Lena Di Lacio Bondeson

What's the profession of Lena Di Lacio Bondeson?

This professional's job is Research

What jobs is Lena a professional at?

Lena is a professional such jobs as Production Supervisor.

Where does Lena Di Lacio Bondeson currently live?

They lives in Applegate, Oregon.

How many companies did Lena Di Lacio Bondeson work at?

The professional worked at eight jobs.

What education does Lena Di Lacio Bondeson have?

Lena studied at the from 1980 to 1982.

What are the skills of Lena Di Lacio Bondeson?

This person has such skills as Aseptic Rodent Surgery, Tail Biopsy/Genotyping By Pcr, and Micro Injection For Knockout/Transgenic Founders.


Production Supervisor
Sales Specialist
Equipment Tools Purchasing Agent
Production Director
Production Manager
Surgical Specialist
Department Store Salesperson
Retail Salesperson


Aseptic Rodent Surgery
Tail Biopsy/Genotyping By Pcr
Micro Injection For Knockout/Transgenic Founders
Colony Management Breeding/Maintaining/Donor Embryo Production
Blastocyst Aggregation
Rederivation of Mouse Lines
Post Operative Care
Cell Culture