Leilani Lee

Marketing and Sales Operations Manager

We found the following information about Leilani Lee at Vital Worklife, where Leilani has worked as a Account Manager since 2008. Leilani's total work experience is over 11 years, during which time the professional had at least three jobs at different places to develop professional skills. Leilani studied at the St. Cloud State University. Currently, Leilani lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can contact with Leilani by looking for phone or email or find additional info by requesting access to their further details.
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Leilani Lee

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
Minneapolis, MN


VITAL WorkLife
Account Manager


Health, Wellness and Fitness

Work History

Account Manager

2008 — 2015

Marketing and Sales Operations Manager

VITAL WorkLife, Inc. is a national behavioral health consulting practice supporting all dimensions of well being in the workplace. For over 35 years, our proven solutions have helped to redu...
from 2015

Support Solutions Coordinator

Aug 2004 — 2008

FAQs about Leilani Lee

What is the main profession of Leilani Lee?

Leilani Lee is a Marketing and Sales Operations Manager.

What jobs is Leilani Lee proficient at at?

Leilani is proficient at such jobs as Executive and Operations Manager.

Where is Leilani Lee located?

The expert is currently located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Where did Leilani Lee work?

The professional worked at Vital Worklife, Vital Worklife.

What education does Leilani Lee have?

Leilani studied at the St. Cloud State University.

Are there any special industries, that Leilani Lee works in?

Leilani works in Health, Wellness And Fitness industry.

Are there any special skills Leilani Lee has?

Leilani Lee has such skills as Organization Skills, Sales Process, Customer Experience, Business Process Improvement, and Project Management.


Operations Manager
Director of Operations
Account Manager
Health Specialist
Wellness and Fitness


Organization Skills
Sales Process
Customer Experience
Business Process Improvement
Project Management