Lauren Howle

Chief Strategy Officer

We found the following information about Lauren Howle at Corporate America Credit Union, where Lauren has worked as a Chief Strategy Officer since 2016. Lauren's total work experience is over 12 years, during which time they had at least six jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Lauren studied at the University of Alabama from 2000 to 2003. Currently, Lauren Howle is located in Birmingham, Alabama. You can contact with Lauren by looking for phone number or email address or find exhaustive information by requesting access to the person's further details.
Name variants:
Lauryn Howle

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 23, 2022
lh**, la**
Birmingham, AL


Corporate America Credit Union
Chief Strategy Officer


Financial Services

Work History

Chief Strategy Officer

4365 Crescent Rd, Irondale, AL 35210
Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate America Credit Union
from Jan 2016

Vice President, Member Alliance Group

4365 Crescent Rd, Irondale, AL 35210
Vice President, Member Alliance Group
Dec 2012 — Dec 2015

Project Manager

4365 Crescent Rd, Irondale, AL 35210
Dec 2008 — Dec 2012

Standard Underwriter

1900 5Th Ave north, Birmingham, AL 35228
Nov 1, 2007 — Dec 1, 2008

Senior Loan Decisioner

420 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94129
Sep 1, 2005 — Nov 1, 2007

Credit Manager and Loan Processor

420 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94129
May 1, 2003 — Sep 1, 2005


1999 — 2000


Chief Strategy Officer
Finance and Accounting Specialist
Vice President
Chief Executive
Accounting Bookkeeper


Small Business Lending
Risk Management
Customer Service
Mortgage Lending
Portfolio Management
Financial Services
Financial Analysis
Strategic Planning
Business Analysis

FAQs about Lauren Howle

What is the main profession of Lauren Howle?

This professional's job is Chief Strategy Officer

What are the profession of Lauren?

These person's professions are Executive and Chief Strategy Officer

Where does Lauren Howle live?

Lauren Howle lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

What is Lauren Howle's email?

Lauren Howle's email is lh** and la**

How many companies did Lauren Howle work at?

The professional worked at six jobs.

Where has Lauren Howle studied?

Lauren studied at the University of Alabama from 2000 to 2003.

What languages does Lauren Howle speak?

Lauren Howle speaks English.

Are there any industries Lauren Howle is connected to?

This person works in Financial Services industry.