Laura Mitchell

Realtor. Director, Architectural Properties

Laura Mitchell is a high-skilled expert, working in Coldwell Banker as a Realtor. Director, Architectural Properties. Los Angeles, California is the city, where this professional was lastly known to be located. This expert's email address and phone number can be accessed through this website on demand.
Name variants:
Laura Mitchell, Laurie Mitchell, Lauri Mitchell, Lolly Mitchell

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Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Los Angeles, CA
Coldwell Banker


Realtor. Director, Architectural Properties

Work History

Realtor. Director, Architectural Properties

FAQs about Laura Mitchell

What is the main profession of Laura Mitchell?

Laura Mitchell is a Realtor. Director, Architectural Properties.

What jobs is Laura a professional at?

Laura is proficient at such jobs as Real Estate Broker and Licensed Real Estate Broker.

Where does Laura Mitchell currently live?

The expert lives in Los Angeles, California.

Where did Laura Mitchell work?

Laura Mitchell worked at Coldwell Banker.

Are there any special industries, that Laura Mitchell works in?

This professional works in Real Estate industry.


Real Estate Broker
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Financial Broker
Property Manager
Real Estate Manager
Operations Manager
Financial Services Professional
Financial Services Sales Agent