Lanie Pugh

Media Director

Lanie Pugh has been working as a Media Director in Genesis Marketing Partners. Moreover, Lanie Pugh has an employment history at one company using similar skills. Lanie Pugh studied at the Texas Tech University. Today the professional lives in Raleigh, North Carolina region. You can find this professional's current contacts with Connexy search.
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Lanie Pugh

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Jan 30, 2016
Raleigh, NC


Media Director


Marketing and Advertising

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FAQs about Lanie Pugh

What is the main profession of Lanie Pugh?

Lanie is a Media Director.

What are the profession of The expert?

These person's professions are Executive and Media Director

Where is Lanie Pugh currently located?

Lanie is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

How many companies did Lanie Pugh work at?

Lanie Pugh worked at one jobs.

What education does Lanie Pugh have?

Lanie studied at the Texas Tech University.

What is the industry that Lanie Pugh is connected to?

Lanie Pugh works in Marketing and Advertising industry.