Kevin Ekmark

Kevin Ekmark

COO / Director at TrustWorkz, Inc | Inbound Marketing and SEO

We found the following information about Kevin Ekmark at TrustWorkz, Inc., where this professional has worked as a COO / Director since 2011. Kevin's total work experience is over seven years, during which time the professional had at least ten jobs at different places to develop skills. Kevin studied at the Georgia College and State University from 2005 to 2009. Currently, Kevin Ekmark is located in Atlanta, Georgia. You can contact with Kevin by looking for phone or email or find exhaustive information by requesting access to this expert's additional details.
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Kev Ekmark

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Atlanta, GA


TrustWorkz, Inc.
COO / Director

Atlanta, GA


Marketing and Advertising

Work History

COO / Director

Woodstock, GA
We are: The original, unapologetic champions of internet marketing and social media for local, small business. Technically, we are an out-source provider of fractional human assets (WebOp®)...
from Apr 2011

Founder & Co-owner

Atlanta, GA
The Trot Line is an online publication that seeks to help others explore and enjoy the South, Southern culture, and the lifestyle that we so dearly love "below the line." We are based in Atl...
from Mar 2011

Board Member

Atlanta, GA
SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company is a not for profit dance company in Atlanta, GA that seeks to inspire change through dance. As a volunteer board member, my personal responsibilities in...
from Sep 2012

Manager, eCommerce

Atlanta, GA
Managing SEO & PPC for a specific portfolio of properties. Responsibilities: - Increase room night growth via web direct bookings - Identify and implement new marketing opportunities and...
Aug 2012 — May 2013

Social Media Account Manager

Manage multiple social media accounts for brands to increase web SEO, encourage personal connection through business to customer interaction, and optimize customer service. Account types inc...
Dec 2010 — Mar 2011

Lead Online Community Manager

- Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, WordPress blogs) Marketing for 25 individual clients at a time - Local SEO - Training new employees - Account Management - Come up with new and original co...
Feb 2010 — Jan 2011

Web Master/Media Director

- Website design and development using Adobe Flash - All photography and video using Photoshop and Final Cut Pro - Local SEO - Social Media management(Facebook, Twitter)
2009 — 2010

Freelance Firm Photographer, Ad Designer, Flash developer

Photographer for all models and products at CMC. Ad designer Flash developer for web site.
Sep 2009 — Feb 2010

Creative Director

Atlanta, GA
I created a digital media outlet to persue my passions outside of the classroom during my Senior year of college. The project began with photography, and opened up to a wide world of digita...
Sep 2008 — Feb 2010


Helped maintain websites, custom email marketing, and social media. While I was there, I also developed Flash banners, provided photography, and video support. --- Skills Used --- Flash deve...
Sep 2009 — Dec 2009



Chief Operating Officer
Inbound Marketer
SEO Specialist
Board Member
Advertising Professional
General and Operations Manager
Chief Executive
Operations Manager
Web Marketer
Marketing Manager
Founding Member
Management Team Executive
Advertising Sales Agent


Social Media
Digital Marketing
Online Marketing
Google Analytics
Social Media Marketing
Web Design
Website Development
Inbound Marketing
Keyword Research
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Networking
Public Relations
Digital Media

FAQs about Kevin Ekmark

What's the profession of Kevin Ekmark?

This professional's job is COO / Director at TrustWorkz, Inc | Inbound Marketing and SEO

What are the profession of Kevin?

These person's professions are Executive and Chief Operating Officer

Where does Kevin Ekmark live?

Atlanta, Georgia is the place where Kevin Ekmark lives

How many companies did Kevin Ekmark work at?

The professional worked at ten jobs.

Does Kevin Ekmark have personal webpage or blog?

The professional`s website is and

Where has Kevin Ekmark studied?

Kevin studied at the Georgia College and State University from 2005 to 2009.

Are there any special awards Kevin Ekmark received?

This professional received awards and these awards are: Deans List.

What is the industry that Kevin Ekmark worked in?

This professional works in Marketing and Advertising industry.