Karisa Brosy

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We found the following information about Karisa Brosy at Healthcare Reimbursement, where the professional has worked as a Available to discuss since 2011. Karisa's total work experience is over 30 years, during which time they had at least eight jobs at different places to develop skills. Karisa studied at the some college. Karisa Brosy currently lives in Seattle, Washington. You can contact with Karisa by looking for phone or email address or find additional info by requesting access to this professional's further details from Connexy.
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Karisa Brosy

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Jul 7, 2022
Seattle, WA


Available to discuss


Hospital & Health Care

Work History

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Current knowledge of commercial third party payers, Medicare regulations (including Consolidated Billing), DSHS ProviderOne, L&I/Self-Insured, PPO/POS/ HMO and Medicare Advantage plans I...
from Jan 2011

Business Manager

Diagnostic Portable Ultrasound - Managed all aspects of company, including personnel, A/R, HR, Marketing
May 2004 — Oct 2010

Insurance Rep II, Insurance Rep III, Special Projects Coordinator

Feb 2001 — Dec 2004

Up Rep, Senior Billing Rep III, Special Projects Coordinator

Feb 2001 — Dec 2004


1998 — 2001

Office Manager, Medical Assistant

Nov 1989 — Nov 2000

Medical Bookkeeper

- Medical Bookkeeping, Coding, Charge Entry and Balancing
Mar 1988 — Sep 1989


Jul 1985 — Jan 1988



Health Specialist
Medical Record Transcriber
Hospital Care Professional
Business Manager
HR Specialist
Human Resources Specialist
Medical Transcriptionist
Healthcare Support
Health Professional
Health Practitioner
Operations Manager
Medical Sonographers

FAQs about Karisa Brosy

What's the main profession of Karisa Brosy?

This professional's job is Available To Discuss

What jobs is Karisa proficient at at?

The expert is a professional such jobs as Health Specialist and Medical Record Transcriber.

Where does Karisa Brosy currently live?

Seattle, Washington is the place where Karisa Brosy currently lives

Does the professional have the email address?

ka**@yahoo.com is Karisa Brosy's email address.

Where did Karisa Brosy work?

The expert worked at Healthcare Reimbursement, BOBODZHANOV INC dba ULTRAECHO.

Where has Karisa Brosy studied?

Karisa studied at the some college.

Are there any professional industries, that Karisa Brosy works in?

This person works in Hospital & Health Care industry.