Julie Todd

Production Manager

Since 2000, Julie Todd has been working in Todd Company. Julie is a proficient Production Manager & Media Planner / Buyer with over 12 years of work experience. According to Julie's CV and work profile, this person has worked at more than four places with numerous backgrounds and got various skills. Julie can be found in Dallas, Texas – where this person is currently located. You can search for Julie Todd's email address and number. We can also provide you exhaustive contact information upon request.
Name variants:
Julia Todd, Julianne Todd, Juliet Todd

Contact Information

Last Update
Jan 29, 2016
Dallas, TX


Production Manager & Media Planner / Buyer

Work History

Production Manager & Media Planner / Buyer

from 2000

Estimator / Sales

1998 — 2000

Estimator / Sales

1994 — 1998

Estimator & Production Coordinator

1989 — 1995

FAQs about Julie Todd

What is the main profession of Julie Todd?

Julie Todd is a Production Manager.

What jobs is Julie proficient at at?

Julie Todd is proficient at such jobs as Executive and Production Manager.

Where is Julie Todd located?

Julie Todd is currently located in Dallas, Texas.

Where did Julie Todd work?

The professional worked at Todd Company, CBS Group, Arlington.

Does Julie Todd have personal webpage or blog?

The professional`s website is http://www.toddcompany.com.

What is professional industry that Julie Todd worked in?

This professional works in Marketing and Advertising industry.

Are there any special skills, that Julie Todd has?

This professional has skills in the following areas: Offset Printing and Direct Marketing.


Production Manager
Production Director
Media Planner
Sales Specialist
Advertising Professional
Brand Planner
Market Research Analyst
Buyer and Seller
Sales Representative
Advertising Sales Agent
Financial Analyst


Offset Printing
Direct Marketing